Outer scraper self-cleaning filter


One of the automative filter is an outer scraper filter, which rotates a scraper that is powered by a motor to remove contaminants from the filter screen’s outer surface. It is used for highly viscous liquid filtration with strict accuracy requirements and has a filter rating of 50–500μm.

The liquid flows through the filter element surface from the outside to the inside as it enters the filter through the intake. The outlet, via which the liquid exits, is attached to the bottom of the filter element. The cleaning process is started by the predetermined time or differential pressure value when the number of contaminants trapped on the surface of the filter element reaches a specified level.

The scraper blades attached to the filter element’s surface rotate under the power of the speed reducer to remove contaminants. The pollutants travel along the blades, drop to the bottom of the filter, and then enter the cone-shaped particle collection device.

The bottom of the filter is where these pollutants are gathered. To drain off the waste liquid with high impurity concentration, the drain valve at the bottom of the filter must be opened on a regular basis. If necessary, recycled liquid waste can be discharged.

Just like all the other automative filters, the outer scraper self-cleaning filter can operate 24 hours continuously. The collection cone is at the bottom of the filter, gathering all impurities which also contains reusable high-value materials.

For convenient and simple installation, every outer scraper self-cleaning filter will be pre-assembled and tested by Brother Filtration. We want only to provide high-quality products and full service for our customers.


The outer scraper self-cleaning filter with the help of motor, rotate and scraper the impurities to the bottom of the filter. The filter can automatically clean itself based on the preset time or differential pressure, which effectively saves labour and reduce downtime.

  • Collection for reusable high-value materials
  • Reduce downtime and labour
  • High efficiency and high safety
  • Customizable housing materials
  • Wide range of applications
  • Suitable for high-viscosity liquids

Brother Filtration Outer Scraper Self-cleaning Filter is especially suitable for high-viscosity liquids filtration in a automatic system. It can automatically clean itself and gather all impurities. It can be a good choice for your filtration, which can help to improve efficiency.

  • Fully automatic operation
  • 24-hour continuous online filtration
  • Automatically discharge waste liquids
  • Closed filtration to prevent the leakage
  • A metal sheet scraper is employed
  • Accurate slots and extremely smooth surface, which makes it easy to clean and avoid crushing impurities
  • The backwash function can be added
  • PLC-based control system
  • Pre-assembled and tested for easy installation

Operating pressure 1.0MPa
Inlet&Outlet nominal diameter DN50~DN200
Drain outlet nominal diameter DN40
Operating temperature ~200℃
Filter rating 50μm~500μm
Filter area 1100cm²~13600cm²
Applicable liquid Water and viscous liquid(<80,000 mPa.s), Impurity<1000 ppm
Clean differential pressure 0.05MPa(depends on the liquid viscosity)
Differential pressure instrument Differential pressure transmitter (DPT), differential pressure switch (DPS)
Drain valve A pneumatic ball valve, protection class IP65
Gear motor 180W, three-phase, 380V, IP55, worm reduction gear motor
Supply facility requirement Control system 380 V AC, 0.4–0.6 MPa clean and dry compressed air
Filter housing material Carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, Customized
Scraping blade material SS304, SS316L
Seal material NBR (standard), VITON
Filter element type V-slot slotted metal filter element, SS316L
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