Pneumatic disc filter


The purpose of a pneumatic disc filter is to clean the inner surface of the filter screen by vertically moving a scraper that is powered by an air cylinder. It applies to filtering in highly viscous liquids, corrosive, inflammable, and explosive conditions, and utilizes a PTFE ring scraper.

A pneumatic disc filter is a simple and effective filter, made of a disc and strainer basket. Its filter rating of it is from 50μm to 2000μm, which is a wide range. Compared with conventional filters, it has a simple design and structure and can clean the filter element without contact.

With the self-cleaning characteristic, the pneumatic disc filter needs less maintenance and accordingly reduces the operation cost. Besides, it can continuously filter during the cleaning process, which can largely improve efficiency. It can be naturally integrated into the original equipment and have no affect on the operation of the original equipment. When it is installed, you can choose any direction you want.

The reasonable design makes it easy to install and clean. In addition, a pneumatic disc filter can reduce the loss of high-value materials. Due to the low differential pressure, it can need less energy to operate.

By utilizing the principle of physics, we can have this pneumatic disc filter. Solid contaminants are filtered out and left on the inner surface of the filter screen as the unfiltered liquid enters the filter from the intake.

The outlet releases the filtered liquid. When the filter screen needs cleaning, a timer setting or a differential pressure sensor will start the cleaning process. The solids deposits are continuously scraped off the inner surface of the filter screen by a spring-tightened clean disc that is tightened with a spring. These pollutants are released through the drain exit after they come off.


Brother Filtration Pneumatic Disc Filter is a excellent automative filter which utilizes principle of physics. It has no affect on original equipment and is easy to be installed. If you are looking for a automative filter, Pneumatic Disc Filter would be a nice product.

  • Reasonable and simple design, non-contact cleaning principle
  • Can be easily integrated into the original production system without influence
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Suitable for high-viscosity liquids
  • Wide range of applications

Pneumatic Disc Filter as a competitive filter has many outstanding and superior benefits and advantages. Brother Filtration adopts a unique PTFE ring scraper for better filtration performance.

  • Fully automatic operation
  • 24-hour continuous online filtration;
  • Automatically discharge waste liquids
  • Closed filtration to prevent the leakage
  • PTFE ring scrapers are employed to remove impurities
  • A variety of control systems are available
  • Pre-assembled and tested for easy installation

Operating pressure 1.0MPa
Inlet&Outlet nominal diameter DN50~DN200
Drain outlet nominal diameter DN40
Operating temperature ~200℃
Filter rating 50μm~2000μm
Filter area 700cm²~2480cm²
Filter housing material SS304, SS316L, Carbon Steel, Customized
Piston rod material 316L
Piston rod seal material NBR/PU/VITON
Scraping blade material PTFE
Housing seal material & Filter element seal material NBR/EPDM/VITON/silicone rubber/FEP covered silicone rubber
Filter housing material SS304, SS316L, Carbon Steel, Customized
Applicable liquid Water and viscous liquid (< 80,000 mPa.s), impurity < 1000 ppm
Clean differential pressure 50–100 KPa (depends on the liquid viscosity)
Differential pressure instrument Pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter (DPT)
Drain valve Full-port pneumatic ball valve, single or double acting type, SS304/316
Supply facility requirement Control system 220V AC, 0.4–0.6 MPa clean and dry compressed air
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