Metalman PSM CSM Filter Cartridge


The best solution for filtering liquids in high temperature and pressure conditions

What is a metal filter cartridge?

Metal filter cartridges are used in instances where conventional filters are insufficient. This situation may be caused by high temperatures, high pressures, corrosive chemicals, or the necessity to clean and reuse the cartridge. Titanium is occasionally utilized in addition to 316/304 stainless steel as the primary material of the metal filter cartridge.

Brother Filtration introduced a new range named Metalman in the summer of 2022. To meet all kinds of unique filtration requirements, The Metalman comes with a number of unusual metal cartridges. We use titanium in addition to premium stainless steel, and we think these new goods will capture your attention.

What is Metalman PSM/CSM Filter Cartridge?

Metalman pleated stainless steel mesh cartridge is made of woven stainless steel mesh, which can be made into a pleated structure and cylindrical structure. The pleated structure gives it a large filter area and therefore a better performance in terms of lifetime and flow rate. This is the most general stainless steel cartridge.

Metalman PSM/CSM filter cartridge has excellent temperature and pressure resistance.  It is the best choice for filtering liquids in high temperature and pressure situations because its pore size is regular and each junction between the grids is made by sintering and will not change under high pressure.

Brother Filtration manufactures Metalman PSM/CSM filter cartridges in all stainless steel construction, with inner reinforcing part and optional external mesh coverage. The PSM/CSM filter cartridge is strong enough to withstand high pressure and high temperature without fiber migration.

Additionally, the PSM/CSM filter cartridge is re-washable and can be back flushing in high-pressure conditions, which means it is an environmentally-friendly product and reduces users’ operation costs at the same time.


Brother Filtration always produces high-quality products, the same as our Metalman PSM/CSM. We adopt high-standard stainless steel with a great designed structure to make filters have better performance.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Inner reinforcing
  • External mesh coverage can be added
  • Uniform pore size
  • Resistance to corrosion, high pressure, and extreme temperature
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Superior chemical compatibility

The Metalman PSM/CSM filter cartridge, to some extent, is an environmentally-friendly product. But its abilities are more than just green, is a perfect filtration solution.

  • Extended on-stream life
  • High thermal tolerance
  • No fiber migration
  • Large filtration surface area
  • High flow rate
  • High pressure back flushing
  • Re-washable


Filtration layer
Inner reinforcing 316/304 Stainless steel porous plate
Protective mesh 40 micron 316/304 stainless steel mesh
Main filtration Stainless steel mesh of required precision
Protective mesh 40 micron 316/304 stainless steel porous plate
End cap 316/304 Stainless steel
Protective Cover( optional) If the working pressure is greater than 0.2 Mpa, it is recommended to add a protective cover to increase the pressure resistance of the cartridge.
Construction SOE, DOE
OD 2.5 inch
ID 1.0 inch



Number Liquid accuracy(UM) Gas Accuracy(um) Porosity(%) Contamination absorption capacity(mg/cm2) Average permeability(L/dm2 min) Liquid flow (m2/h)
1 0.45 0.8 38% 8-9 2.35 1.8
2 5 1 38% 12-14 2.42 2
3 10 3 38% 16-18 3 2.1
4 20 15 38% 28-32 4.5 2.5
5 40 25 38% 56-63 7.1 3.5
6 100 85 38% 125-130 16.2 5.0


Length Filtration area(Pleated)
5inch (127mm) 0.024m2
10inch (254mm) 0.056m2
20inch (508mm) 0.094m2
30inch (762mm) 0.141m2
40inch(1016mm) 0.188m2


Operation condition

Max temperature ~480℃
Max DP 8.6 Bar

Order Information

Model Material Filtration Accuracy Cartridge Interface Cartridge Size Seals
PSM=Pleated S4=SUS 304 0200=2.0um E2= Flat pressure 10=10inch S= Silicone Rubber(Silicone)standard
CSM=Cylindrical S6=SUS 316 0500=5.0um E4=222 Flush type 20=20inch E= Ternary Ethylene Propylene(EPDM)
/ / 1000=10um E7=226 Pointed type 30=30inch V= Polytetrafluoroethylene(VITON)
/ / 2000=20um E8=1” Male NPT 40=40inch /
/ / 4000=40um E9=1” Female NPT / /
/ / 100H=100um / / /
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