Metalman CSSM Filter Cartridge


Five-layered sintered stainless steel mesh filter cartridge

What is a metal filter cartridge?

Metal filter cartridges are used in instances where conventional filters are insufficient. This situation may be caused by high temperatures, high pressures, corrosive chemicals, or the necessity to clean and reuse the cartridge. Titanium is occasionally utilized in addition to 316/304 stainless steel as the primary material of the metal filter cartridge.

Brother Filtration introduced a new range named Metalman in the summer of 2022. To meet all kinds of unique filtration requirements, The Metalman comes with a number of unusual metal cartridges. We use titanium in addition to premium stainless steel, and we think these new goods will capture your attention.

What is Metalman CSSM Filter Cartridge?

Brother Filtration Metalman CSSM filter cartridge sintered from multiple layers of 316 or 304 stainless steel mesh, which has excellent pressure, temperature, and corrosion resistance. It is a stainless steel cartridge with the best back flushing effect.

Its high dirt-holding capacity makes the CSSM filter cartridge the best choice for solid-liquid separation of liquids with rigid particles. Five layers sintered mesh filter has a better back flushing effect for rigid particles.

Brother Filtration puts much effort to manufactures it, we want to make sure that our Metalman CSSM filter cartridge can be more durable and more usable, and is the leading metal cartridge in the market.

The CSSM filter cartridge has an inner reinforcing structure and uniform pore size. With its full stainless steel and 5-layered construction, the CSSM filter cartridge has a longer service life. And the resistance to corrosion, high temperature, and high pressure of the CSSM cartridge enable it to suit many extreme conditions.

Also, Brother Filtration Metalman CSSM filter cartridge has great back flushing performance and can withstand high pressure back flushing, thereby allowing long system lifetime and cost-effective operation.


As the best solution for solid-liquid separation of liquids with rigid particles, the CSSM filter cartridge is durable and suitable for many extreme conditions which enable it to suit high-demand applications.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Five-layer stainless steel sintered formation
  • Inner reinforcing
  • Uniform pore size
  • Resistance to corrosion, high pressure, and extreme temperature
  • No fiber migration

Brother Filtration Metalman CSSM filter cartridge is an excellent and outstanding metal filter cartridge. It has all the advantages of a metal filter, also it has more special benefits on its own.

  • High dirt-holding capacity
  • Durable compared to conventional filter
  • High pressure back flushing
  • Good backflush flow
  • Washable and reusable


Protective layer 316/304 Stainless steel
Filter layer 316/304 Stainless steel
Dispersion layer 316/304 Stainless steel
Reinforcing layer 316/304 Stainless steel
End cap SOE, DOE
OD 2.5 inch
ID 1 inch


Retention rate

Number Liquid accuracy(UM) Gas Accuracy(um) Porosity(%) Absolute accuracy(um) Average permeability(L/dm2 min) Liquid flow (m2/h)
1 2.0 0.8 38% 8-9 2.35 0.25
2 5.0 1 38% 12-14 2.42 0.43
3 10 3 38% 16-18 3.00 0.50
4 20 15 38% 28-32 4.50 0.58
5 40 25 38% 58-63 7.10 0.67
6 100 85 38% 125-130 16.20 0.8


Length Filtration area
5inch (127mm) 0.025m2
10inch (254mm) 0.050m2
20inch (508mm) 0.10m2
30inch (762mm) 0.15m2
40inch(1016mm) 0.20m2


Operation condition

Max temperature ~480℃
Max DP 5.0 Bar

Order Information

Model Diameter Filtration Accuracy Cartridge Interface Cartridge Size Seals
CSM=Cylindrical Sintered  Mesh D65=φ65mm 0200=2.0um E2= Flat pressure 05=5inch S= Silicone Rubber(Silicone)standard
D70=φ70mm 0500=5.0um E4=222 Flush type 10=10inch E= Ternary Ethylene Propylene(EPDM)
/ 1000=10um E7=226 Pointed type 20=20inch V= Fluorine rubber(TEFLON)
/ 2000=20um E8=1” Male NPT 30=30inch P= Fluoroelastomer covered
/ 4000=40um E9=1” Female NPT 40=40inch F= Polytetrafluoroethylene(VITON)
/ 5000=50um / / /
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