ProClean Normal Filter Bag


The Thermal welded type filter bags feature 100% welded fabrication. This construction eliminates the bypass which can occur in standard sewn filter bags. BROTHER proprietary Thermal welding technology produces a super-strong seam that will stand up to even the most demanding applications without failure.

Bag filters often have the lowest equipment investment costs, and can usually with a wide range of process conditions, making them an ideal choice for many applications.

Features of ProClean Normal Filter Bag

  • Higher dirt-holding capacity and longer life because of the special material.
  • Special handle easy installation and removal, option for Eaton type ring & FSI type ring.
  • Polypropylene materials are FDA listed as acceptable for potable and edible liquid contact according to CFR Title 21
  • All filter bags are manufactured with a proprietary downstream surface treatment to prevent fiber migration. A special finish is obtained by glazing the surface, melting fibers together to form a tight, secure downstream matrix. In addition, the weld seams are heat bonded to eliminate loose fibers which might result during fabrication


Applications of ProClean Normal Filter Bag

  • Prefiltration for RO Desalination
  • Oil & Gas
  • Painting
  • Petrochemicals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Semiconductor
  • Municipal Water

Feel free to contact us if you need to select more suitable filter bags, free advice is waiting for you.

Technical Data of ProClean Normal Filter Bag


Filter Media Polypropylene/Polyester/Nylon
Ring type Polypropylene/SUS304


1# 7”(178mm) dia*17” L
2# 7”(178mm) dia * 32” L
3# 4”(102mm) dia * 8” L
4# 4”(102mm) dia * 14” L
5# 4”(102mm) dia * 20” L

Operation conditions

Max. Temperature ~80 ℃
Recommended DP for 1.2-1.6bar


ProClean Normal Filter Bag

Flowrate & Filtration Area

Size Max. Flow Rate Recommended Flow Rate Filtration area
1# 20m³/hr 13m³/hr 0.25m²
2# 40m³/hr 26m³/hr 0.5m²
3# 6m³/hr 4m³/hr 0.09m²
4# 12m³/hr 8m³/hr 0.16m²
5# 18m³/hr 12m³/hr 0.2m²

Ordering Information

BCFB -01 -PP -0100 -PE -S
Product Size Media Material Micron Rating Ring Material Technique


Filter Bag

01=Size 1

02=Size 2

03=Size 3

04=Size 4



0100=1um  4000=40um

0500=5um  7000=70um

1000=10um   10000=100um

1500=15um  20000=200um

2000=20um   25000=250um

PE=Plastic E Type Ring

PF=Plastic F Type Ring

S=Stainless Steel



10 inch =25.4 cm

Notice: Due to the filter having variety in design, please contact BROTHER sales for more information


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