ProClean Nylon Filter Bag


A good solution for filtering large amounts of contaminated liquid.

What is a filter bag?

Filter bags can be the ideal solution for your industrial filtration application needs. They are designed to remove contaminants and debris from liquids and the dirt is caught inside the bag.

Other filter technologies collect the solids on the outside of the device giving them the potential to dislodge into the filter upon removal. Filter bags keep the clean side of the filter that way, The filter bags remove the amount and size of contaminants depends on their specific micron rating.

Why are micron levels important for filter bags?

A micron is a unit of measurement equal to one-millionth of a meter. It is used to measure individual particles of pollutants. The micron-level indicates the amount and size of contaminants that the filter can remove. The filter bags are rated at 1 to 200 microns.

The smaller the number of microns, the finer the level of filtration that can be achieved. However, the micron level is not the only determinant of filter performance, to fully understand the performance of the filter, you also need to understand the removal efficiency.

What is a nylon filter bag?

ProClean Nylon Filter Bag is welded and fused with nylon mesh made of a single fiber. With a fixed aperture, the Monofilament Nylon filter bag owns a filtering accuracy range from 25UM-175UM and can effectively intercept all kinds of hard larger particles. At the same time, Nylon material can resist higher operating temperature, fiber is not easily deformed, and has good tensile strength.

Monofilament Nylon Filter Bag has the characteristics of high rate, and it is suitable for occasions where the filtration accuracy is not high, such as filtering large particles of impurities, pre-filtration, and coarse filtration.

Our ProClean Nylon Filter Bag has stability, which shows in fixed pore sizes, fixed value filtration, and seal structure. Also it is suitable for high viscosity boring and hard particulate impurities filtration.

In addition to those industries just mentioned, the ProClean Nylon Filter Bag is also applicable to raw water, car degreasing, anticorrosive paint, and recycled water treatments.


As an economical-alternative choice, the ProClean Nylon Filter Bag has many competitive characteristics in addition to its affordability. Brother Filtration believes our nylon filter bags can satisfy your needs.

  • Good welding technology with high tensile strength
  • Mesh structure with fixed pore size
  • Fixed value filtration
  • Good stability
  • Strengthen the outer edge sealing to make better seal performance
  • Suitable for high viscosity boring and hard particulate impurities filtration
  • Different sizes are available for the customer’s actual operating environment
  • Plastic sealing rings, durable stainless steel rings, and carbon steel rings can be selected

The ProClean Nylon Filter Bag has a wide micron level range and we offer many optional parts of it for customer’s real needs. Besides, our nylon filter bags have many outstanding advantages.

  • High flow rate
  • Suitable for normal accuracy filtration
  • Good at filtering large particles
  • Resistance to high temperature
  • High filtration efficiency


Model Surface area(m2) OD(mm) Length(mm)
Size1 0.25 178 420
Size2 0.5 178 810
Size3 0.09 102 230
Size4 0.16 102 410

Order Information

BCNFB -2 -NY -2500 -PE
Model Bag Size Material Micron Rating Ring Material
Nylon Filter Bag
NY=Nylon 2500=25um
PE=Plastic E Type
PF=Plastic F Type
S=Stainless Steel
Notice: Due to the filter having variety in design, please contact BROTHER sales for more information
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