PTFE Filter Bag


A highest-end-variety filter bag

What is a filter bag?

Filter bags can be the ideal solution for your industrial filtration application needs. They are designed to remove contaminants and debris from liquids and the dirt is caught inside the bag.

Other filter technologies collect the solids on the outside of the device giving them the potential to dislodge into the filter upon removal. Filter bags keep the clean side of the filter that way, The filter bags remove the amount and size of contaminants depends on their specific micron rating.

What is PTFE?

When it was first created in the early 1940s, PTFE (also known by the brand name Teflon®) soon shown its value in a variety of applications. A PTFE membrane is a layer of material that filters out particles of a particular size and shape while letting other particles pass through.

What is a PTFE filter bag?

When used to produce filter bags, PTFE is the highest-end-variety material. It has great resistance of erosion, so it is suitable for the occasions which require corrosive resistance and long service life.

Brother Filtration polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) synthetic fiber filter bag is made of special materials, which can continually operate at 240℃ and sustant all PH range of acid-base erosion at instant 260℃.

The PTFE Filter Bag has excellent self-lubricated ability and can withstand ultraviolet radiation, meanwhile it absorbs no moistures. However, the wear resistance of PTFE fiber filter material is average, so there are stricter requirements for the filter bag frame.

With its above mentioned characteristics, the PTFE filter bag can perfectly applied to industries such as coal-fired boilers, waste incineration, refining and chemical production process, titanium dioxide (TiO2) production process, treatment of flue gas in the production of carbon block and the first time smelting of some metals.


We always want to present the best products to our customers, so we use the highest quality materials to manufacture our filter bags. The PTFE filter bag is one of our best works.

  • Able to continually operate at 240℃
  • Sustant all PH range of acid-base erosion at instant 260℃
  • Excellent self-lubricated ability
  • Able to withstand ultraviolet radiation
  • high-end-variety material

Brother Filtration PTFE filter bags show perfect performance in some extreme certain applications. It has outstanding advantages, which is all from its high-end raw material and our high-quality production process.

  • Absorbingno moisture
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Consistent differential pressure
  • Considerably long lifetime

Filter Bag Standard Sizes

Size  No Diameter Length Flow Rate Filter Area Volume
#01 182mm 420mm 20m3/h 0.25m2 8.0L
#02 182mm 810mm 40m3/h 0.50m2 17.0L
#03 105mm 235mm 6m3/h 0.09m2 1.3L
#04 105mm 385mm 12m3/h 0.16m2 2.5L
#05 155mm 550mm 18m3/h 0.20m2 3.8L


Filter Bag Selection

Material Work Temperature Micron Retention Rating Available
0.2 0.5 1 5 10 15 25 50 75 100 150 200 250 300
PO (Polypropylene) <80 ℃
PE (Polyester) <120 ℃
NMO (Nylon Monofilament Filter Bag) <150 ℃
POELL (Polypropylene Extended Long Life) <80 ℃
PEELL (Polyester Extended Long Life) <120 ℃
NOMEX <200 ℃
PTFE <260 ℃


Filter Bag Ring Options

"S"=Steel Ring(Standard) "S1"=Stainless Steel Ring "P"=Polypropylene Ring "N"=Nylon Ring
“S”=Steel Ring(Standard) “S1″=Stainless Steel Ring “P”=Polypropylene Ring “E”=Polyester Ring “N”=Nylon Ring

Order Information

Material Micron Rating Bag Size Bag Top Style
PTFE 010=1,
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