We often receive some problems from our customers, that they complain about the former melt blown filter cartridges from other suppliers. In the beginning, we are similarly confused about why there are many problems in melt-blown filter cartridges. Do they use poor-quality raw materials? Or do they have a bad machine?

For melt blown cartridge

We want to figure out the real reason for it and prevent the same problem in ourselves. So we asked our production manager. After hearing the answer from him, the mystery of the instability of melt blown filter cartridge was solved.

What is the procedure to produce melt blown?

Before we talk about the reason for the instability of melt blown filter cartridge, the first thing we should know is the melt blown itself. How is it made of?

detail of melt blown filter

A melt-blown fabric’s main raw material is polypropylene (PP). Machines for making melt-blown fabric are used to create the textile. By extruding the molten polymer using a specific “blown spinning” technique, the melt-blown fabric is produced.

High-speed hot airflow is used throughout the spinning process to quickly stretch, harden, and mold the melted polymer. The fiber is finally reflected onto the collection support.

The difficulty when producing melt blown filter cartridge

As the melt-blown cartridge filter manufacturer, you must know the biggest difficulty of production, that product stability. The issue and reason that affect the stability of melt-blown cartridge filter, are the extrusion nozzles(spinning nozzle).

At every start of the extrusion, the spinning nozzles are very clean. The jets are very soft and good. As time goes by, around 5-10 days, the spinning jet would be at different levels of blocking.

The quality of the goods produced by the blocking spinning nozzles would get worse and worse, which leads to the final instability and poor quality of the melt-blown filter cartridge.

Some secrets in Chinese melt blown production facility

It is essential to keep a very stable quality for melt-blown filter cartridges. So it is necessary to clean and change spinning nozzles every 4-5 days, that will be an effective way to keep the pressure drop of melt blown stable.

The qualified production environment and high-quality products

After realizing the importance of cleaning the production machines, let’s have a look at Brother Filtration’s melt-blown filter cartridge factory. Maybe you will find the reason why customers finally turn to us and why our melt-blown filter cartridge wins the competition in the filtration market.

The qualified production environment and high-quality products

Our workers in the workshop are all experienced, they care about every detail of the production. Of course, a regular clean would be applied to every machine.

We pay attention to efficiency and productivity, but also product quality. Only by having good maintenance for the machine can we have a reliable and stable melt-blown filter cartridge.

Above are the melt blown we manufactured

Above is the melt is blown we manufactured. It is obvious that Brother Filtration melt blown filter cartridge has great quality with stable and proper structure. We believe that the quality of products will never lie and that reputation is all about quality. When you choose us, you will totally understand what we are talking about.


Though melt blown filter cartridge is a conventional cartridge on which manufacturers have years of research and experience. However, there are still many problems that happen to it when operated.

It is something not about the quality of the raw materials but the maintenance of the production machines. The only manufacturer who has strict requirements on product and production will pay attention to the clean of the spinning nozzles.

Brother Filtration is definitely a qualified manufacturer of melt-blown filter cartridges. We have years of experience in the filtration field, designing and manufacturing all kinds of high-quality filter products.

We own factories to do production and control every detail for the quality. If you have a problem with your melt-blown filter cartridge, please come to us and we will help you solve the problem.

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