After some customers described the problem occurred of their current suppliers’ melt blown cartridge filter batches, I really feel curious why there was such a problem, so I went to ask and talk with my production manager. I think I finally found some reason why conducting melt blown cartridge filter non-stability issue.

As the melt blown cartridge filter manufacturer, you must know the biggest difficulty of production, that’s product stability. The issue and reason which affect the stability of melt-blown cartridge filter, it‘s the extrusion nozzles(spinning nozzle). At every start of extrusion, the spinning nozzles are very clean. The jets are very soft and good, as time goes on, around 5-10 days. The spinning jet will be different levels of blocking.

The blocking jets’s production works worse and worse than the start.

So to keep a very stable good quality, it is clean and change spinning nozzles every 4-5 days, that will be a very good way to keep melt blown pressure drop stable. I hope this article can guide you to find the right and reliable melt blown supplier.

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