1 High Filtration Efficiency

To get a good filtration efficiency, we’d better have a good membrane, which including outstanding PP membrane material. A good PP membrane should be touched softly.  If tested by SEM, there is higher porosity where the pore distribution is more uniform. See below the SEM picture shown

Scientific Membrane Structure

Reasonable membrane pleating. Brother always dedicates to finding the best balance between higher filtration efficiency and a longer service lifetime. 6-7 layers are our standard membrane structure design. They are each from the 1st layer to the 7th layer,  which is from corse outside to fine inside, from flow distribution to flow filtration.

2 Anti- Suck in End Cap

To solve this problem,  we do much research and testing. Finally, we found the reason why there is a sucked-in problem and got a way to solve it.

One of the reasons why there is end cap sucked-in, it is just because of the size. For many Chinese manufacturers, in order to save the cost, they use 100% PP as raw material to finish end cap molding. But PP material has a shortage whose shrinkage ratio is very high. For example, PP end cap just after molding is 160mm, but after 30min cooling, PP end cap will be shrunk to 157mm. So for us, we add 5% glass fiber into PP raw material to reduce effectively the PP end cap shrinkage phenomenon.

More accurate end cap dimension and structure, the end cap edge can be well fitted against the edge of the SUS basket edge in the high flow cartridge filter housing.

3 Rigid Outcage and End Cap

Different from conventional high flow cartridge filter outcage,  we gave up belt, prefer to choose rigid PP outcage. Although its cost is much higher than the belt, it has really a much higher anti-pressure performance.

Rigid End Cap

Have you ever met the problem of end cap broken? perhaps  it is not well  welded during production. Different from the conventional contacting heating-plate system,  we have a very advantage investment —– no contacting red infrared way machine.

Due to our reliable quality of high flow cartridge filter,  we have not bad project practice sounds in the market. For more details, please feel free to contact [email protected]

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