There are all kinds of high-flow cartridge filters on the market right now. However, Brother Filtration high flow cartridge filter can always stand out from others and become the common choice for many customers.

Due to the excellent and superior capabilities of high flow cartridge filters, while having a competitive price, high flow cartridge filters are always the best sale in Brother Filtration.


Are you curious about why Brother Filtration is so good at high-flow filtration fields? We have years of experience in filtration, and from the early stage, we have already attached great importance to the high-flow filtration field.

We have already successfully developed many different types of high-flow filter cartridges, which are suitable for diverse industries. The following are factors that show our strengthen and ability in the high-flow filter cartridge.

High filtration efficiency

To get a good filtration efficiency, we’d better have a good membrane, which includes outstanding PP membrane material. A good PP membrane should be touched softly.

If tested by SEM, there is higher porosity where the pore distribution is more uniform. Below is the SEM picture that shows the different filtration performance in a different layers. (We take Max-A high flow filter cartridge in 10μm as an example)

High filtration efficiency

Scientific Membrane Structure

Reasonable membrane pleated structure is one of the key factors. Brother Filtration always dedicates to finding the best balance between higher filtration efficiency and a longer service lifetime. 6-7 layers are our standard membrane structure design.

Each of them is from the 1st layer to the 7th layer, the structure is from loose outside to fine inside, from flow distribution to flow filtration.

Scientific Membrane Structure

Anti-Stuck-in End Cap

When you are involved in the filtration field, the stuck-in problem is not new to you. Once you search this problem online, you will find thousands of examples and many people give tips and advice to help you solve this problem. As a manufacturer, how can Brother Filtration prevent the stuck problem from the root?

To solve this problem, we did lots of research and testings. Finally, we found the reason why there is a stuck problem and got a solution for it. The mainly reason for the stuck-in problem is the size.

Anti Stuck-in End Cap

For many Chinese manufacturers, in order to save cost, they use 100% PP as raw material to finish end cap molding. However, there is a common issue for PP material, that the shrinkage ratio of it is relatively high.

For example, the PP end cap is 160mm when it is finished molding, but after 30min cooling process, the PP end cap will shrink to 157mm. Brother Filtration has a wise way to prevent it, we add 5% glass fiber into PP raw material to effectively reduce the PP end cap shrinkage phenomenon.

Rigid Outcage

Different from the conventional high flow filter cartridge, we gave up the belt design and utilized PP outcage, which is more strong and more rigid. Although its cost is much higher than the belt, the rigid PP outcage has a great anti-pressure performance.

By adopting this design, the inside filter cartridge can have better protection and is not easy to be out of shape during high-pressure operating conditions.

Rigid Outcage

Rigid end cap

Expect the stuck-in problem, there is another common issue on end up, which is the broken problem. Have you ever met the end cap broken problem in before? Do you know the reason why it happens?

Rigid end cap

Due to the bad welding quality during production. Compared to the traditional high-flow filter cartridge, which is using a contacting heating-plate system, Brother Filtration adopts infrared ray technology to do welding.

We have invested a lot in this technology, but the results show that everything is worthwhile. The high-flow cartridge filter has a better and strong structure, especially for the end cap.


In today’s filtration market, the high flow filter cartridge is the trend and preferred by many industries. All kinds of high-flow filter cartridges come into the market, and customers have trouble when finding a reliable high-flow cartridge filter manufacturer.

Brother Filtration stands out, thanks to the high-quality filter products, advanced technology, and intimate service.

We always pursuit better filtration experiences for our customers with high-quality filter cartridges, filter housings, and others. Not only the filter products but also the filtration solutions, Brother Filtration can provide for you.

If you are looking for a reliable high-flow filter cartridge manufacturer, or you have any problem with filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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