The basket element, namely the strainer basket, which blocks solid particle pollutants from entering the filter, is the basket strainer’s most crucial component. Both flat and slanted strainer basket tops are available, as well as single-layer and double-layer structure designs.

strainer-basket series

This article primarily explains how to recognize a strainer basket as well as which type is preferable and why.

The structure of the basket element

The core key element to identify the strainer basket is the service life, and the most directly related to its service life is the product design structure. The strainer basket product structure can determine the strength and service life of its products.


Generally speaking, products with higher strength have a longer service life, while products with less strength have a correspondingly shorter service life. So from what aspects can the strength of the product be improved?

Inner and outer support ring

It is best to increase the design of the support ring on the inside and outside of the strainer basket so as to increase the compressive strength of the outer wall of the basket.

strainer basket with support ring

The support ring is mainly installed at the bottom and the middle of the basket, which helps to increase the pressure resistance and water impact resistance of the bottom of the basket. And at the same time increases the overall pressure resistance of the basket element and keeps the appearance from deformation.

Processing with plug-in structure

The bottom of the basket element is made of a plug-in structure, which is more compressive than the structure directly at 90 degrees.

bottom of the basket with plug-in structure

Mainly, the insertion treatment process is performed on the bottom first, and then the welding process is performed on this part. To ensure that the bottom has better pressure resistance and is not easily deformed when maintaining a standing position.

Edge wrapping of the wire mesh

The mesh basket is composed of a layer of wire mesh and a rigid perforated plate. The wire mesh can improve interception efficiency. On the top of the basket, the inner wire mesh and the outer basket need to be welded.

The wire mesh on the top of the basket element will be hemmed

The wire mesh on the top of a good basket element will be hemmed first and then welded to the outer basket.

the basket is not protected by edge wrapping

If it is not protected by edge wrapping, the edge of the wire mesh is easy to be dragged off the basket, which will affect the use effect and service life of the product.

How does a basket strainer work?

A device known as a basket strainer employs a mesh screen (basket element)to filter foreign objects from a horizontal pipeline. Once cleared from the strainer, these particles won’t enter pumps, valves, or traps that are further down the line.

The working principle of the basket filter is mainly to filter out unwanted debris and contaminants entering the industrial process fluid to protect the equipment from the damage of particulate contamination in its pipeline. Basket filters are mainly installed in horizontal pipelines and applications requiring high flow and high pressure.

strainer basket

These strainers are specifically installed in the upstream part of equipment such as pumps, control valves, or steam traps, which can effectively prevent specific corrosive or destructive debris from entering the pipeline. The basket strainer can be installed and used alone, or multiple basket filters can be combined to increase the filtering effect.

What kind of basket element can Brother Filtration provide?

Brother Filtration provides filter baskets with two structures, one is a single-layer structure, which has weaker strength and poorer filtration performance and is suitable for coarse filtration without large solid impurities. There is also a filter basket with a double-layer structure, which has good structural strength, better filtration performance, and is more suitable for fine filtration.

Brother Filtration also manufactures support baskets for bag filters. The bag filter support baskets protect and reinforce the filter bags in the filter, making them more durable. At the same time, we produce a variety of support baskets to meet the various needs of different applications.

What specifications for the strainer basket should I use?

The size and type of the basket you choose should be consistent with the basket strainer and its application parameters. Among them, factors such as system pressure, the abrasiveness of pollutants, the corrosiveness of materials, and the volume of filtered substances are involved.

The mesh number of the mesh basket element

The mesh number of the mesh basket element is also one of the most important specifications, and the mesh number of the wire mesh will determine the efficiency of filtering pollutants in the liquid.

If the mesh of the basket in the basket filter is too large, more unwanted particles will enter the pipeline, and these large particles of pollutants will easily cause the blockage of the basket filter, directly affecting the efficiency and service life of the entire cleaning system.


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