CLG2.0 Coalescer Filter Cartridge-Liquid from Gas


CLG 2.0 Coalescer Filter Cartridge is high-effective filter with flow direction inside to outside, able to remove the liquid contaminants and solid contaminants. The filter media can be adopted in glass fiber, polyester or polypropylene to fulfill different filtration needs.

According to the various requirements from customers, these large filter cartridges with large filtration surface area can be customized and manufactured to equip with diverse capabilities, such as particle removal ratio and dirt-holding capacity.

It is made of high-quality SS304 end cap and other stainless steel spare parts. End cap and filter element is combined by binder with high resistance, which helps to reduce side leakage. The protective jacket outside the filter cartridge can keep the completeness of the pleated design, assure that the contaminants are distribute evenly on the filter surface.

CLG 2.0 coalescer filter cartridge is designed to provide rated efficiency(β5000) without affecting the service life of other components. Therefore, we chose the filter media with higher dirt-holding capacity and lower resistance. By decreasing the initial differential pressure, the operation cost of the filter cartridge can be effectively reduced.

Uniform matrix porosity is designed for elimination of water from gas and air, and oil with low surface tension. CLG 2.0 coalescer filter cartridge has longer service life and is cost-effective, also it is easy to maintain. Due to the inside to outside flow direction, solid contaminants will be left in the cartridge, which can reduce the pollution during the change-out.

By reducing the downtime, it can decrease the operation cost. The effective CLG 2.0 coalescer filter cartridge can effectively protect the subsequent equipment and process.

Brother Filtration CLG2.0 filter cartridge can remove oil in compressor’s outlet, protect the turbine and compressor. It can purify the fuel gas and protect the for lo nox. When gas leaks, CLG2.0 can protect the equipment. Also, it can effectively reduce the loss of gas in downstream. In addition, the catalyst bed can be protected by the CLG2.0 filter cartridge.


Brother Filtration CLG2.0 Coalescer Filter Cartridge is a effective filter cartridge, can filter both liquid and solid. With its high quality, it has longer service life. And Brother Filtration can provide you with custmized service to manufacture appropriate filter cartridge for you.

  • Filtration direction from inside to outside
  • Multiple filter media can be selected
  • Both liquid and solid contaminants can be removed
  • With larger filtration surface
  • Custumization is available
  • Made of high-quality SS304 end cap
  • Better seal performance with less leakage problems

CLG2.0 Coalescer Filter Cartridge is powerful, competitive and superior filter cartridge. It can handle multiple operating conditions with easy maintenance. It can be a good choice for your plants to protect the other equipment.

  • High filtration efficiency
  • Longer service life and cost-effective
  • Higher dirt-holding capacity and lower resistance
  • Reasonable designed porosity with low surface tension
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reduce the downtime


Length 39.19inches
Outer diameter 6inches
Inner diameter 4inches
Center core SS304
Outer core SS304/Needled polyester
End cap SS304
Gasket NBR
Pleated material Micro glass fiber
Notice: Polyester layer contains SS304


Operating conditions

Filter rating 0.3μm
Initial Differential Pressure <0.5 psi
Recommended Change-Out Differential Pressure 15 psid (max)
Maximum Element Operating Life 1 year
Maximum Operating Temperature 260℉
Minimum Operating Temperature -60℉
Burst pressure >75psid
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