SP1.0 Separator Filter Cartridge


The SP1.0 filter cartridges are efficient filter-separator elements, the molded fiberglass tube is constructed of graded glass fibers, compressed to the proper density and bonded with inert phenolic binders;

The fiberglass tube is supported by a heavy-duty, spiral locked center core for superior resistance to collapse which caused by high differential pressure, the center core can withstand over 75 PSI differential pressure;

The metal end caps are mechanically attached to the center core for structural strength, the fiberglass media is attached to the end caps with a highly resistant adhesive to prevent any possibility of bypass;

Buna N gaskets are attached to the end caps with a polyurethane adhesive and go through a special heat treatment, using an adhesive that is resistant to all hydrocarbons.

The SP1.0 filter cartridge will remove particles down to one micron without excessive differential pressure build-up. A cotton outer wrap protects the fiberglass from dirt and damage during shipment and protects the operator during element change-out.

Brother Filtration SP1.0 filter cartridge can be used in Ethylene processing, fuel gas & instrument gas filtration, inlet gas separation, desiccant hydration, dust extraction and oil mist processing.


Brother Filtration SP1.0 separator filter cartridge is perfectly designed to have a strong resistance to the pressure and better filtration performance. It adopts metal end cap and cotton outer wrap to make it last longer.

  • Proper density
  • Superior resistance with spiral locked center core
  • Metal end cap for structural strength
  • Remove particles down to 1 micron without external DP
  • Cotton outer wrap protects the filter element

Brother Filtration SP1.0 separator filter cartridge is powerful filtration product. It can provide stable filter rating with greater resistance capability. Also, SP1.0 separator filter cartridge can be transported conveniently.

  • Graded high-efficiency filtration
  • Resistance to high differential pressure
  • Prevention for leakage
  • Hydrocarbon resistant compound
  • Stable filter rating
  • Convenient for transportation


Length 18″, 36″, 72″
Flow direction Outside to inside
Filtration Accuracy 10, 5, 1, 0.5, 0.3 um
Recommended Max. Operating Temperature 275° F
Recommended Max. Pressure Difference for Change-out 15 PSI
Seal Ring Material NBR
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