High flow filtration is required by many applications such as desalination, petrochemicals, and oil&gas industry, which means they need to handle large quantities of liquids. A high-flow filter is the best choice for them. Excellent industrial water filtration advantages are offered by high-flow filter cartridge housings for a variety of applications.

There are horizontal and vertical mounting options for our high-flow filter housings. In order to provide all of the filtration benefits in a small space, Brother Filtration high flow filter housings were specifically created. FRP-V Filter Housing is a vertical filter housing, which is suitable for many limited areas.

Brother Filtration FRP-V Filter Housing is a filter housing that is made for a small or limited area. With its basic high flow filter housing advantages, FRP-V filter housing is suitable for handling large capacities such as desalination. Also, it has ultra-high strength of corrosion resistance, which makes it more suitable for sea water treatment.

FRP-V Filter Housing can also match with FRP membrane vessels and match with Max-A (Pall Ultipleat equivalent) to reach a perfect filtration performance. Brother Filtration designs and manufactures it with a modular design, which has a small footprint and mobile ability.

Different from other filter housing, FRP-V filter housing can be placed in a limited space while taking into account the high flow rate. Brother Filtration believes it would be a perfect solution for many high-demanding industries, and we believe it can satisfy customers’ needs.

With all benefits mentioned above, FRP-V filter housing is suitable for industries such as prefiltration for RO systems, petrochemicals, food & beverage, and pulp & paper. Its’ vertical design enables it flexibility in various limited spaces, helping many customers solve their placing problems.


As a filtration expert, Brother Filtration is deeply involved in high flow filtration area. We design and manufacture all kinds of filter cartridges and filter housings to fulfill the high-flow filtration needs. FRP-V filter housing is an outstanding filter housing, designed for limited space.

  • Vertical installation in some limited space
  • Suitable for high-flow cartridge filters
  • Matched with Max-A (Pall Ultipleat equivalent)
  • Perfectly matched with FRP membrane vessels
  • Fleible for installation

With its outstanding and superior advantages, FRP-V filter housing has strong ability to fulfill more than needs of large capacity. We also take the operation and installation into consideration.

  • Ultra-high strength of corrosion resistance, a perfect option for seawater
  • Modular design, smaller footprint, compact and mobile
  • High efficiency with a small footprint
  • Easy installation, quick change-out without dismounting pipeline

Material of constructions

Shell FRP
Side Port connectionn Nylon
End Caps: ABS
Design pressure
Standard 150psi (10bar)


Model Length Diameter
MFV-A-40-S-150 1340mm 245mm
Inlet/outlet connection: Couplings
Inlet/Outlet Dimension: 3inch
Connection options: Side Port / End Port



FRP-V Filter Housing Accessories 1: O-ring 5: Saddle
2: Locking kit segments 6: Strape
3: End Cap(Handle Side) 7: Couplings
4: End Cap(Inset Side) 8: Short Tube

Order Information

MFV -A -40 -S -10 -N
Model Series Length Connection Design Pressure Side Port Material
FRP-V High Flow Cartridge
A =Max-A Series High Flow 40=40inch(1016mm) S =Side Port 10=10bar /
Notice: Due to housing has variety in design, please contact BROTHER sales for more information
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