As a conventional depth filter cartridge, string wound cartridge filter is a effective and useful way to do filtration. It can be made of multiple different materials, which is suitable for different use.

Accordingly, there are many manufacturers all over the world, supplying string wound cartridge filters, which makes it difficult for customers to choose reliable manufacturers.

How to choose reliable string wound cartridge filter manufacturer?

Many factors can affect the quality of a string wound cartridge filter, also many factors you should take into account when selecting a qualified cartridge filter manufacturer. This blog will help you to distinguish from so many manufacturers, and introduce the method to evaluate a manufacturer.

What is a Wound Filter Cartridge?

Wound Filter Cartridge is capable of eliminating rust, dirt, and other sediments from water by using fibers. The string material can be nylon, polyester, cotton, etc. It wraps on a center core like stainless steel or polypropylene.

String Wound Filter Cartridges are another effective way of removing sediment particles from your water. These filters are also called depth filters because they use 2 layers of filtration to keep out unwanted particles.

What is a Wound Filter Cartridge

The first layer catches any particles that are the same size or larger than the micron rating, while the inner layer catches smaller particles that slip through the initial filtration. This enhanced filtration comes at the cost of surface area, meaning that depth filters usually need to be cleaned/changed quicker than pleated filters.

Widely applications as below

Widely applications as below
  • Prefiltration for RO Desalination
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation Condensate System
  • Petrochemicals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Semiconductor
  • Municipal Water

 How is it produced?

Taking the cotton string wound cartridge filter as an example, Cotton String Wound Cartridge is made of cotton yarn wound around a porous inner core precisely to accomplish depth filtration.

The different filtration ratings are realized by smart control during the production to form various filtration layer intensities and filtration pore shapes.

How is it produced

Outside filtration layers of the cotton wound filter cartridge are of loose density and coarse pore size. The specifications of the inside filtration layers are of the contrary parameters. The outer diameter normally to be 2.5inch or 4.5inch, the length can be selected from 5 to 70 inches, and the micron range is 1um to 200um.

In addition, depending on the connection with the filter housing, different end caps may be required. The end cap types are available in DOE, 222, 226, Fin, and flat type The end cap and the filter element are combined to form the final product according to the needs.

string wound filter cartridge2

In real operating conditions, different pressure and temperature require different raw materials for the string wound filter cartridge. Except for cotton, PP and glass fiber can be used as the material filter elements. And the core rod can be made from PP or stainless steel.

The production process can be as:

Inner core fixed on machine→ raw material fixed on inner core→auto machine working makes wound around the inner core→ for example, once size reaches 2.5inch, machine would stop, the cartridge is ready to accomplished→ if need end caps, then use another machine to combine end cap with cartridge→ finally packing

How do identify product quality in an easy way?

How do identify product quality in an easy way

Taking PP string wound cartridge filter as an example.

Smell, to identify the raw material, if its smell is pungent, it would not be made of 100% pure PP material. It is easy to be broken for not 100% pure PP material cartridge.

Pinch, to touch the texture, and feel it is tight or not. If it is not tight enough, the filtration performance will not be good enough.

Push, to check whether the PP string wound around the inner core. If the pp material is easy to be pushed from the inner core, there will be a further problem of leakage when operating.

Press, to check the strength, from which we can learn the inner core is strong enough or not. As we know, the stronger the inner core, the higher pressure it can withstand.

How to choose a reliable supplier?

How to choose a reliable supplier

Producing capacity, with large and stable production capacity, the manufacturer can match on-time delivery requirements.

Quality control, the manufacturer should have a quality control system to manage the quality to match clients’ demands all the time.

Certificates, for products and manufacturers, are the certificates to show goods are produced under qualification management.

Case reference, especially with end plants, it is known that usually, the large plant has the standard checking process, not only for the product itself but also for the manufacturer. Once a cartridge has been widely used in various plants, that brings a good reputation to show its quality of it.

Aftersell service, not only sells products but also provides clients with all-around assistance. Whenever there is a filtration problem, the manufacturer can offer a good solution to solve it.


String wound cartridge filter is a conventional cartridge filter, the technology to produce it has been very mature. The market of it is also saturated with many manufacturers around the world.

Customers need to wipe their eyes and evaluate the strength of the manufacturer. From what we mentioned above, it is enough for customers to choose a reliable string wound cartridge filter manufacturer.

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