ProClean PP String Wound Cartridge

ProClean PP String Wound Cartridge


String Wound filter cartridge is another type the depth cartridge filters. It is first introduced to replace melt blown cartridge filters in many applications where larger dirt holding capacity requested.

Brother Filtration supply various choices for customer’s different needs. We have PP string wound cartridge filters, cotton string wound cartridge filters and glass fiber cartridge filters. All the above can be with PP inner core or stainless steel inner core. It is decided by the application operation tempura and PH range. All components are HSE friendly and if further requirements brought up, we are glad to offer you advice and choose the most suitable string wound filter cartridge for you.

Polypropylene String Wound Filter with density slope, providing longer service life, since the ideal density slope from coarse (outside) to fine (inside) is equipped. Depending on the conditions of use (liquids, temperature), the materials of filter media and inner core can be chosen.

PP Yarn string wound cartridge filter can be used for a wide range of liquids, since a widely used polypropylene is used for both filter media and inner core.

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