Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge Use in Water Treatment Project

Brother Filtration manufacture Melt Blown and Absolute Melt Blown Filter Cartridge. The most widely used filtration consumable products in domestic and industrial water treatment projects. With years of experience, we are able to custom for you special PP melt blown filters with varied specifications like groove, orange peel and hairy surface finish or equipped with different SOE/DOE end caps.

Melt blown depth filter cartridges are constructed of pure polypropylene fibers. Bother Filtration offers a comprehensive range of melt blown filter elements for almost every fluid application and flow capacity to support manufacturing industries. The term ‘Melt blown’ means the filter has been manufactured under melt blown technology using a computer controlled process where fibers are collected in a graded pore structure about a molded core.

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge is manufactured from 100% Polypropylene construction. They offer excellent filtration and good thermal stability. The unique density gradient construction maximizes efficiency and minimizes pressure drop. This filter will not impart taste, odor, or color to the filtered product and has superior chemical resistance for process fluid applications.

Optional Grooving effectively doubles the surface area providing lower clean pressure drop, increased dirt holding capacity and longer life. Cartridges are available in various sizes, micron ratings, and end treatments.

Applications of Brother Brother Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

  • Potable Water Filtration
  • Food and Beverages
  • DI Water Filtration
  • Plating Solution Filtration
  • R.O. Pre-filtration
  • Membrane Pre-filtration
  • Organic Solvent Filtration
  • Chemical Processing
  • Photographic Filtration
  • Paper coatings

The benefits of Melt Blown Filter.

  • Center core for strength.
  • High flow rates.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • High dirt holding capacity.
  • Fixed-pore-structure retains trapped debris.
  • Broad chemical compatibility.
  • Controlled process parameters- consistent product.
  • Center core for strength.

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge


  • Economical & longer life cycle
  •  Made of 100% pure polypropylene(PP)
  • Made of FDA grade PP material without binders, additives or lubricants
  • Non-fiber releasing, suitable in relative high temperatures
  • Available in a wide selection of micron ratings from 1 to 100 μm
  • No added adhesives with thermally welded end cap
  • Graded density pore size for excellent filtration efficiency
  • Designed to fit a variety of standard cartridge filter housings
  • Long on-stream life
  • Polypropylene(PP) core to prevent collapse and bypass
  • Excellent chemical and high-temperature compatibility

How to Replace Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

The melt blown filter element needs to be replaced based on original water quality. In most cases, you will find sediment, dust, and rust filtrate from the cartridge. We are going to look at how to replace a melt blown filter cartridge that you use in your house to clean water.

The first step is to turn off the water supply system so that you can work comfortably without sprinkling water. Then, you will release the pressure on the system to avoid splashing on the ground when you remove the cover. After that, put on gloves and carefully remove the lid of the melt blown filter cartridge. Use more force when tightening some covers.

After successfully unlocking, place the lid carefully on the ground to ensure that no damage has been caused. You will see the melt blown filter element, and then carefully remove it to avoid damage. It will have a lot of dirt, deposits and rust, so you must be careful. Discard the dirty blown dust filter cartridge and clean the previous surface.

After cleaning the surface, put in a new melt blown filter element and fix it in the correct position. Make sure it is installed correctly and is not affected by the water pressure in the pipeline. After cleaning, please replace the cover and make sure to fit it tightly.

Now you can allow pressure to pump water through the system.

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