Proclean Granule Activated Carbon Filter

Proclean Granule Activated Carbon Filter


Granule activated carbon is made from raw organic materials, such as coconut shells or coal, which are high in carbon. The activated carbon removes certain chemicals from the water passing through a GAC filter by trapping the chemical in the GAC. However, other chemicals, like iron and nitrate, are not attracted to the carbon and therefore are not effectively removed.


Features of Granule Activated Carbon Filter Element

  • Strong adsorption, no secondary pollution
  • Abundant zigzag micro-pores also have a blocking effect on larger impurities.
  • Good efficiency, every drop of water can completely contact the activated carbon.
  • Widely use, granular activated carbon and other filtering materials can be used in combination to filter different water pollution
  • Easy installation.


Granule Activated Carbon Filter Element vs Activated Carbon Block Filter Element


Granule activated carbon filters are made using carbon that has been ground up and is held together loosely inside a cartridge or other container. On the other hand, carbon block filters are made by grinding activated carbon into a fine powder. This powder is then mixed with a food-grade binder, and the resulting mixture is then heated up and compressed into a solid block.

Filtration Accuracy

Although Granule Activated Carbon Filter Element and Activated Carbon Block Filter Element both use ground carbon, the carbon found in the block filter element is usually ground into a much finer powder. In fact, the carbon particles in a block filter are usually 5 to 20 times smaller than the particles used in GAC filters.

Dirty Capacity

The fact that carbon block filter elements are much more tightly packed than Granule Activated Carbon Filter Elements means that the blocks filter out far more contaminants.

Flow Rate

The looser nature of GAC filters means that they provide a much higher flow rate, which essentially means that you can purify much more water in less time albeit less effectively.


Carbon Block Filter Element is full of fine holes, so its ability of decolorization is very good, but it is easy to lead to a plug problem. Here strong adsorption of granular activated carbon will do an important role.

So the best combination is to use granular activated carbon filter element before Carbon Block Filter Element.

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