ProClean Carbon Block Filter


Also known as the CTO carbon filter

The carbon filter cartridge in Brother Filtration is made of excellent activated carbon and polypropylene components for high-precision filtration. With years of experience, we are able to offer you ProClean Carbon Block Filter Cartridge and Granular Carbon Block Filter to help you get clear good-taste water.

What is a Carbon Block Filter?

The carbon block filter compresses loose carbon blocks together to form a filter.

In the carbon block filter, one pound of compressed activated carbon (the amount in a standard 10-inch filter cartridge) has a surface area equivalent to 160 acres of farm, making it one of the most absorbent materials known to man.

The flow rate of the ProClean Carbon Block Filter is affected by the micron level of the filter. The rated micron level of the carbon block filter depends on the degree of carbon compression. The smaller the micron level, the finer the filtration and the lower the flow rate.

There are a variety of raw materials used to make carbon block filters. Some of the most common sources of carbon are bituminous coal, wood, and nutshell. Carbon filters remove contaminants through adsorption.  Adsorption means that contaminants are attracted to the surface of the activated carbon and held to it, much the same way a magnet attracts and holds iron filings.

Carbon filters also act as a catalyst to change the chemical composition of some contaminants. Activated carbon is ideal for removing chlorine, organic chemicals such as pesticides, THMs like chloroform, and many VOCs that are components of gasoline, solvents and industrial cleaners.

ProClean Carbon Block Filter Element is constructed with mineral carbon, it can remove free chlorine and organic chemicals. It is shaped by extruding premium-grade activated carbon with food-grade additives continuously. The strong and rigid structure will leak no extractable during filtration operation.

Brother Filtration Carbon filters is with high dirt holding. The smallest retention can reach 5um nominal. Carbon block filter cartridges provide your good taste and pure drinking water by removing sediment chlorine, taste, and organic contaminants from water and aqueous solutions.

Carbon Block Filter Element has proven to be ideally suited to filter tastes, odors and contaminants from water. A larger surface area is an important factor in the adsorption of contaminants because it provides a better environment for the assimilation of dissolved matter. Carbon’s relatively low cost and wide availability make it an excellent media suitable for a broad range of applications.


As filtration expert, Brother Filtration not only focuses on industrial water treatment but also pay attention to the water treatment, which deeply connects with our daily lifes, and provide high-quality products.

  • No release of carbon
  • Leading Performance at a competitive price
  • Nominal Filtration
  • Wide range of applications
  • Goodchlorine taste & odor and reduction of bad taste & odor
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Efficient filter material and economic prices

Brother Filtration ProClean Carbon Block Filter is good at filtering drinking water. With its characteristics, it can reduce the bad taste and odor of water.

  • High dirt-holdingcapacity
  • Excellent contaminant reduction
  • Extended service life
  • Low-pressure drop
  • High flow rate

The material used and Color options

Carbon QUALITY Carbon
End caps Polypropylene
Inner/Outer Wraps Polypropylene
Gaskets EPDM
Temperature rating 40F to 180F


Typical Organic Removal Value

Typical Organic Removal Value

Order Information

BCCB -E -025 -10 -0500 -500
Product Model Size Length Micro Rating Lodine option
ProClean Carbon Filter E= Extruded carbon
G= Granule carbon
025=OD 2.5 inch
045=OD 4.5 inch
10=10 inch
20=20 inch
30=30 inch
40=40 inch
0500=5 um 500= lodine 500
1000= lodine 1000
1inch= 25.4 mm
Notice: Due to the filter having variety in design, please contact Brother Sales for more information.
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