ProClean Carbon Block Filter


ProClean Carbon Block Filter construct of mineral carbon, simultaneously remove free chlorine and organic chemicals. The filter is shaped by extruding premium grade activated carbon with food-grade additives continuously. The strong and rigid structure will leak no extractable during filtration operation.

Brother Filtration Carbon filters have high dirt holding. Smallest retention can reach 5um nominal. Carbon block filter cartridges provide your good taste and pure drinking water by removing sediment, chlorine, taste, order and organic contaminants from water and aqueous solutions.

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Features of ProClean Carbon Block Filter

Nominal Filtration

No Release of Carbon Fines Exceptionally Low-Pressure Drop Industry Leading Performance at a competitive price

Low-pressure drop, high dirt holding and excellent contaminant reduction.

More Description

Material Used and Color Options
Carbon QUALITY carbon
End Caps Polypropylene
Inner/Outer Wraps Polypropylene
Gaskets EPDM
Temperature Rating 40 F to 180 F


BCCB -E -025 -10 -0500 -500
Product Model Size Length Micron Rating Iodine Option
ProClean Carbon Block Filter E=Extruded Carbon
G=Granular Carbon
025=OD 2.5inch
045=OD 4.5inch
500=Iodline 500
800=Iodline 800
1000=Iodline 1000


1 inch =25.4 mm
Notice: Due to filter has variety in design, please contact with BROTHER sales for more information