What is string wound filter cartridge

String wound filter cartridge is made by textile yarn with good filtration performance and the textile fiber yarns are neatly wound around a porous skeleton.The common materials of textile yarn are polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber and absorbent cotton fiber etc.

How does a string wound filter cartridge work?

When water with contaminants passes via the string wound and as it passes, contaminants remain behind.Then the clean water will pass through and enter the core of the string wound cartridge filter. As more water gets in to undergo filtration then it exits the filter.

Are string wound Filter Cartridge better
What is advantages of
string wound filter cartridge?

The string wound filter cartridge can effectively remove suspended solids and particles in the liquid,it has below advantages:

1.Wide chemical compatibility and long service filter life lead to cost savings

2.Large surface area enhances the filtration efficiency of string wound Filter Cartridge

3.String wound filter cartridge have graded pore structure for efficient removal of a wide range   of particle sizes

4.no odor, foaming, adhesives and no fine fibre dropping out

Where are string wound filter cartridge used?

String wound filter cartridge have wide variety of applications and diverse range of removal ratings:

Food & Beverage Pre-RO water filtration PCB industry
Drinking water filter Chemical filter solution Electroplate liquid filtration
Petrochemical process Pharmaceuticals process Electronics and Semiconductor

What is the difference between string wound filter cartridge and melt blown filter cartridge?

There is two common filter cartridge filter in market:string wound filter cartridge and melt blown filter cartridge,many people don’t know hoe to choose,here we will do a comparison with them

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge String Wound Filter Cartridge
Material of
Filter Media Polypropylene(PP) Polypropylene, Cotton, Glass Fiber
Core material Non Core/Polypropylene/SUS304/SUS316 Polypropylene/SUS304/SUS316
End cap type DOE; 222fin;222flat; 226fin; 226flat etc. DOE; 222fin;222flat; 226fin; 226flat etc.
O-ring material Silicon/ EPDM/Viton/Buna N Silicon/ EPDM/Viton/Buna N
Cartridge dimensions OD 64mm(2.5″ )/114mm(4.5,,) 64mm(2.5″ )/114mm(4.5”)
ID 28mm 28mm
Length 5、10、20、30s 40、50、60、70inch 5、10、20、30、40、50、60、70inch
Removing rate l-150um(5um a unit) l-100um(5um a unit)
Operating Conditions PP : 80C PP:80C, Cotton:120C, Glass Fiber:130C

How to choose the best string wound filter cartridge?

To ensure the filtration process is of high efficiency,we should choose the best filter cartridge.The components of a string wound cartridge filter are the core, yarn, gasket, and end cap.To use good quality materials, it will enhance the performance of the cartridge filter.And it will also be durable and with high capacity.When choosing the filter cartridge filter we need to take care below tips:

High precision manufacturing

A durable and sturdy core

The best quality yarn

When you use good quality materials, you will enhance the performance of the cartridge filter.And it will gets a high filtration capability and also be durable.

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