String wound filter cartridge is widely used in many industries. It is a kind of conventional depth filter cartridge. For depth filter cartridges, there are melt-blown filter cartridges, activated carbon filter cartridge,s and string wound filter cartridges. Customers may feel confused when choosing a depth filter cartridge.

string wound filter cartridges

Also, it is concerned whether a string wound filter cartridge is better and for what kinds of applications it is suitable. This blog will introduce all your knowledge about string wound filter cartridges to you and help you establish its concept of it.

What is a string wound cartridge filter?

Wound Filter Cartridge is capable of eliminating rust, dirt, and other sediments from water by using fibers. The string material can be polypropylene, glass fiber, cotton, etc. It wraps on a center core like stainless steel or polypropylene.

What is string wound cartridge filter

String Wound Filter Cartridges are another effective way of removing sediment particles from your water. These filters are also called depth filters because they use 2 layers of filtration to keep out unwanted particles.

The first layer catches any particles that are the same size or larger than the micron rating, while the inner layer catches smaller particles that slip through the initial filtration. This enhanced filtration comes at the cost of surface area, meaning that depth filters usually need to be cleaned/changed quicker than pleated filters.

How does a string wound filter cartridge work?

How does a string wound filter cartridge work

The string wound filter cartridge has a gradient density, meaning that it is tighter in the center and lighter on the edges. This implies that larger sediments are filtered out initially and that smaller particles are gradually filtered out at each layer as the liquid moves through the media. The filter’s life and effectiveness are extended by the winding pattern and controlled thickness of the cartridge, which results in a better capacity for storing dirt.

Advantages of string wound filter cartridge

Because of its filtering qualities, high dirt holding capacity, ability to maintain form, and ability to last longer, the string wound cartridge filter is widely utilized throughout industries and for many sorts of liquid filtration requirements. These kinds of filters do not break under pressure differentials if they are made well.

Advantages of string wound filter cartridge
  • Wide chemical compatibility and long service filter life
  • A large surface area enhances the filtration efficiency of string wound filter cartridge
  • String wound filter cartridges have graded pore structure for efficient removal of a wide range of particle sizes
  • No odor, foaming, adhesives, and no fine fiber dropping out

For which industries it is suitable?

Due to its characteristics, string wound cartridge filters can be applied to various industries.

Food & Beverage Pre-RO water filtration PCB industry
Drinking water filter Chemical filter solution Electroplate liquid filtration
Petrochemical process Pharmaceuticals process Electronics and Semiconductor

What is the difference between a string wound filter cartridge and a melt-blown filter cartridge?

There are mainly two common filter cartridges in the market, which are string wound filter cartridges and melt blown filter cartridge, many people don’t know how to select them, here we will do a comparison with them.

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge String Wound Filter Cartridge
Material of construction Filter Media Polypropylene(PP) Polypropylene, Cotton, Glass Fiber
Core material Non Core/Polypropylene/SUS304/SUS316 Polypropylene/SUS304/SUS316
End cap type DOE;
226flat etc.
226flat etc.
O-ring material Silicon/ EPDM/Viton/Buna N Silicon/ EPDM/Viton/Buna N
Cartridge dimensions OD 64mm(2.5″ )/114mm(4.5,,) 64mm(2.5″ )/114mm(4.5”)
ID 28mm 28mm
Length 5、10、20、30s 40、50、60、70inch 5、10、20、30、40、50、60、70inch
Removing rate l-150um(5um a unit) l-100um(5um a unit)
Operating Conditions PP: 80C PP:80C,
Glass Fiber:130C

How to choose the best string wound filter cartridge?

To ensure the filtration process is of high efficiency, we should choose the best filter cartridge. The components of a string wound cartridge filter are the core, yarn, gasket, and end cap. Adopting good quality materials, will enhance the performance of the cartridge filter.

And string wound cartridge filter will also be more durable and have a large dirt-holding capacity. When choosing the filter cartridge filter we need to take care of the following factors:

How to choose the best string wound filter cartridge
  • High precision manufacturing
  • A durable and sturdy core
  • High-quality yarn


An excellent filter is one that uses the right materials and is expertly woven to satisfy the demands of the filtration application. A cartridge filter should have a strong core, premium-quality yarn, and highly precise production, among other desirable characteristics.

The string wound filter cartridge has better filtration capabilities and a longer lifespan thanks to the high-quality materials used in its construction.


String wound cartridge filter is a conventional and common depth filter cartridge, which is suitable for various applications. Only made with high-quality raw materials, can string wounds perform a good filtration effect.

Equipped with its own benefits and advantages, the string wound filter cartridge is preferred by many customers. Make sure that you choose the right string wound filter cartridge from the right manufacturer.

Brother Filtration, as a filtration expert, has years of filtration experience and designs and manufactures all kinds of filter cartridges and other filter products. Our high-quality string wound cartridges are popular in the market. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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