New Innovation- Max-A 3rd Generation

Some customer may know Brother Filtration already have two generations of Max-A if you have a relationship with Brother. Max-A is generally used to replace […]

What is the Activated Carbon?

Nowadays Water quality is evaluated by the human based on color, odor and taste. So if the water looks clear, smells not bad, and tastes […]

Facing Global Health Crisis, Your Brother, Always be with you

“We are facing a global health crisis, which has never happened before in the past human history. The crisis is spreading human’s sufferings, ruining the […]

Some Secrets in Chinese Melt Blown Production Facility Which You May Never Know

After some customers described the problem occurred of their current suppliers’ melt blown cartridge filter batches, I really feel curious why there was such a […]

What Said Brother Filtration Is Your Reliable Partner Especially on High Flow Cartridge Filter?

1 High Filtration Efficiency To get a good filtration efficiency, we’d better have a good membrane, which including outstanding PP membrane material. A good PP […]

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