When we talk about filtration, we can not leave out the cartridge filter housings, which also play important roles in filtration. Only suitable and good cartridge filter housing is combined with reliable cartridge filters, can we have a perfect filtration performance.

Cartridge filter housing

The focus of this article is to introduce cartridge filter housing. You might know it but you might not know it deeply. We will from multiple aspects to introduce it, you may have some new understandings after reading this blog. If you are interested in it, please follow our steps of us.

What is cartridge filter housing?

Cartridge filter housings are the containers that surround your filter cartridge and control the direction of water flow. It can have the ability to protect the filter cartridges inside and has a sealing effect for filtration.

According to the different operating conditions and different requirements of customers, filter housings can be made in different sizes, and types and made of different materials. The common material we use is stainless steel, which includes 304L and 316L. Plastic filter housing can be an alternative choice for a competitive prices.

cartridge filter housing

Based on the different sizes and numbers of the cartridge filters, the inside design of the filter housing varies. In addition, we have high-flow filter housing specially designed for high-flow filter cartridges, which can handle large water capacity.

How do we design the cartridge filter housing?

When we scheme a filter cartridge housing for a project, normally we have the below concerns to take into consideration.

1. Capacity

2. Operation and design pressure

3. Operation and design temp

4. Filtration liquid type


In other words, we need to consider the raw material used and the design of the cartridge filter housing. Stainless steel, FRP, UPVC, and PVDF are all can be used to fabricate the cartridge filter housings.

For stainless steel material, we have SUS304, SUS316, carbon steel, mild steel, duplex SS and Super duplex SS, etc. for high temperature and high pressure operating conditions. And other materials like FRP, UPVC, and PVDF cartridge filter housings are especially used in chemical and seawater filtration applications.

How do we manufacture the cartridge filter housing?

Many of you are familiar with the cartridge filter housing, but the manufacturing process might be new to you. Below we will give you an overall explanation of the procedures to make a stainless steel cartridge filter housing.

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After the engineer finishes the design of the cartridge filter housing, the workshop begins to fabricate. In the factory, we first need to prepare all the raw materials we need. Quality inspection is essential before we put the raw material into the warehouse and workshop. Scratches and spots on the steel plate are not allowed.

Then according to the drawings, we make the body of cartridge filter housing and spare parts. Drilling holes of the in/outlets, vent and drain port before welding.

If this cartridge filter housing is a sanitary type or surface finish needs to be polished, we need to do the polishing step previously. If not, we can not go to the next step for welding.


Don’t think welding is simple work. It is the most crucial part when producing a cartridge filter housing. Because a cartridge filter housing is also a type of pressure vessel. For pressure vessels, welding decides if it can operate as expected.

So welding is also an important factor to identify a good housing filter. A high-quality welding seam is required to be welded completely and neatly.

When spare parts like flanges, closures, in/outlets, and maybe swing arms are all-welded, we will first do a hydro test to make sure the quality of the cartridge filter housing and then do the surface finish processing.

For a stainless steel cartridge filter housing, surface finish can be sandblasting, bead-blasting, mechanical polishing, electric polishing, and painting. When all these steps are strictly accomplished, a perfect stainless steel cartridge filter housing is born.


The cartridge filter housing is an important part of the filtration system, which affects the filtration performance of the filter system. You shouldn’t only focus on the quality of cartridge filters, but also on the cartridge filter housings.

Based on the actual operating condition, customers can choose the most suitable cartridge filter housing. And a qualified manufacturer can offer diverse options for customers.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience and designs and manufactures all kinds of filter products, which include various filter housings. We also provide better filtration solutions to our clients. If you are interested in the cartridge filter housing, or you have any problems with filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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