With the increasing development of industrial manufacturing, more and more industries, and applications need high-flow filtration to improve their efficiency.

What they need are exactly high-flow cartridge filters. For people, who are not familiar with high-flow filter cartridges, you can not miss out on this blog. Maybe a high flow filter cartridge is what you are searching for.

A brief introduction for high flow cartridge filters

In this article, we will give you a brief introduction to high-flow filter cartridges, which are suitable for diverse industries. Also, we will introduce some high-flow filter cartridge products from major brands and have a comparison between them.

What is a high-flow filter cartridge?

Compared to conventional cartridge filters, high-flow cartridge filters have a large dirt-holding capacity, and are powerful when filtering liquids in large water capacity.

You will easily find out that high-flow cartridge filters can finish the filtration in less time compared to conventional one. That means, higher efficiency can be created by high flow cartridge filters.

Below are the main series we have to replace the top brands

In addition, the high flow cartridge filter has a longer service time, which leads to fewer change-outs and maintenance costs. The decreased frequency of replacements can largely reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

Due to all its advantages and benefits, the average cost of a high-flow cartridge sometimes can be very low and worth it.

High-flow cartridge filters from major brands

The high-flow cartridge filter series is Brother Filtration’s flagship product. We have over 50 types of high-flow filter end caps that could replace with high-flow cartridges from Pall, 3M, Parker, Pentair, etc.

High flow cartridge filters from major brands

If you have known about those major brands, you must know how expensive are those high-flow cartridge filters. Maybe you want to try the high-flow cartridge filters first, but due to the high costs and limited budget, you have to give up.

It is easy for you to solve this problem, just find Brother Filtration, and try our high-flow cartridge products. Brother Filtration high flow filter cartridge has a more competitive price with the same filtration ability, which could be a perfect choice for you.

In the following, we want to introduce our flagship product Max-A high-flow filter cartridge to you.

Max-A high flow filter cartridge

What makes BF Max-A High Flow Cartridge Filters so popular?

MAX-A 20-40-60inch
  • Membrane pleated structure provides a high flow rate
  • The large filtration surface area provides excellent dirt holding
  • Higher efficiency but lower cost
  • Handle design makes change-out easier and faster
  • Wide range of applications such as Desalination, Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Petrochemicals, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, etc.

Special Features for Max-A High Flow Cartridge Filters

  • Inside-to-outside flow direction
  • Strength PP cages and end caps
  • Multiple layers of membrane structure

What’s more, we have a user-friendly design for the End cap handle for different lengths. For 60″cartridges handle, which is higher than the flat surface; while for 20″ and 40″ cartridges, the handle is lower than the flat, in case of any installation problems as most of the cartridges with 20″ or 40″ will be for vertical housings.

Cases for different industries

Max-A as one of our flagship products has been sold to many plants worldwide and contributed to all kinds of projects.

Water: A municipal water treatment plant from Argentina adopted Brother Filtration Max-A high flow cartridge filter in 60-inch and 5 microns to do prefiltration for the RO system.

max-a municipal water treatment

Energy: A energy power plant from South Africa utilized Max-A high flow cartridge filter to do condensate polishing. The system water capacity can reach 400m3/h per cartridge housing.

energy power plant

Food & Beverage: A diary plant from Sweden chose Max-A high flow filter cartridge to help them in feed water prefiltration. The system capacity can reach 150m³/h.

food and beverage

We have Max A cartridges with different types for various applications:

Max A cartridges with different types

Great filtration performance is not decided only by the filter cartridge but also by the filter housing. To match our high-flow filter cartridge, we also have a variety of high flow filter housing in different materials, sizes, and shape for diverse needs. Among them, FRP max flow filter housing is very popular and preferred by many clients.



The high flow cartridge filter is the new trend in the filtration market, which is preferred by many customers, due to its outstanding advantages. It can handle high flow rates and improve efficiency, to some extent, reducing costs.

Additionally, high flow filter cartridge can be applied to many industries and applications, it is more durable and has wide compatibility.

Brother Filtration, regarded as a filtration expert, especially in high flow filtration, designs and manufactures all kinds of high-quality filter products.

Our high-flow filter cartridge can be the perfect replacement for many major high-flow cartridge filter products from other brands. If you have any questions about high flow filtration or you are interested in high flow filter cartridges, please feel free to contact us.

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