SUS filter housing( stainless steel filter housing) has become more and more popular in many different industries and applications. It has so many advantages and benefits and is powerful enough to face various operating condition. Corresponding to its excellent advantages, it usually costs a lot.

How to reduce SUS filter housing cost

SUS filter housing can be divided into sanitary filter housing, gas/vent filter housing, industrial filter housing, bag filter housing, and stainless steel high-flow filter housing.

Different SUS filter housing is suitable for the corresponding industry. However, the common question is how to decrease the cost of SUS filter housing. If you have the same problem, read this article, and you will find a way to solve it.

What factors do we need to consider when designing a SUS filter housing?

As the manufacturers, we should first confirm the information we need with our client when we get an inquiry. But what kinds of information do we need indeed? Those are the liquid source, application, operation condition, flow rate, the micron rating, and materials of the filter housing.

designing a SUS filter housing

After gathering all this information, we could start our design, including all these details, such as numbers and size of the filter elements, housing cylinder diameter, micron rating, wall thickness, design pressure, closure type, inlet/outlet connection, and surface finishing.

What factors will affect the cost of housing?

Housing cylinder diameter: the OD of the housing will be calculated automatically. And the OD will determine how many raw materials are used for the production of the housing.

Wall thickness: similar to housing cylinder OD, it will design to meet the operating pressure and flow rate. And the thickness of the raw materials also affects heavily for the total cost.

Raw materials: for SUS filter housings, we have different available options for customers, such as SS304, SS316L, Carbon Steel, Duplex 2205, and Titanium.

Surface finishing: Shot Blasting, Polishing, Sanitary Polishing, Painting, Coating

Closure Type: Clamp, Swing Bolt, Spring lid

What factors will affect the cost of housings

How do we exactly reduce the costs of SUS filter housing for our customers? Taking multi-cartridge filter housing as an example, we could offer various options for our customization according to the different operation conditions.

Standard Type: High-quality raw materials and high standard craftsmanship for the customized design and large projects. The length of the inner guide rod is 60% of the filter element with a matching steel bowl & top spring.

Standard Type

Standard-Eco Type: Inner guide rod is only 10cm, with a steel bowl & top spring, but the closure clamp is a bit different from the standard type.

Standard-Eco Type

Economic Type:

  • BF2 (Common clamp open type – without steel bowl + spring, with inner plastic accessory)
  • BF3 (Flat bottom swing bolt open type -matching steel bowl + spring)
  • BF4 (Swing bolt open type with Leg – matching steel bowl + spring)
Economic Type

Max-ECO Type: Similar to Economic BF2, internal plastic spare parts may not be as perfect as BF2, but it does not affect use. Internal structure with no treatment, external with mechanical polishing. Customization by now is not available.

Max-ECO Type

Not only for the multi-cartridge filter housing but also for all the filter housing we manufactured, Brother Filtration can provide customers with various options to meet customers’ requirements. We always offer a better filtration solution at a competitive price.

Because we own a filter housing factory, we can control every detail and step of production. From design to delivery, we take every factor into consideration for our customers.

We aim to manufacture high-quality filter housing, which can keep continuously operating for a long time and reduce the bother of maintenance for our customers.

Besides the filter housing we have already mentioned above, we would like to recommend some other filter housings to you, which are plastic filter housing and membrane vessels.


SUS filter housing as a durable and powerful filter housing can be widely used for various industries and applications, which also has a relatively high cost.

To optimize your investment in filter housings, you should know basic knowledge about them. After realizing what you really need for a SUS filter housing, you could do a better option for your customization.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience and has been deeply involved in the filtration industry, designing and manufacturing all kinds of SUS filter housings and other filter products.

We also offer better and more professional filtration solutions to our clients. If you have any problems with filtration or want to know further about SUS filter housing, please feel free to contact us.

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