The importance of water for the mining industry

It is believed by many people that large quantities of water are used in mining operations. But that would be an enormous understatement.

The mining industry is now heavily restricted by governments, environmental organizations, and social pressure. Therefore, many mining companies begin to adopt complex water management.

The method of treating mine water is intricate. Water from rivers, lakes, bores, or pipelines is frequently used by the mining sector for the transportation and processing of ores.

On mine sites, water quality is very essential because different processing circuits frequently require variable water quality to achieve the desired performance and because environmental agencies have severe quality criteria for discharge/disposal.

Water security for mines frequently involves increasing water supply through better water recovery or more water recycling. Brother Filtration has expertise with clients in achieving a variety of goals for the treatment of mine water.

By utilizing the filtration solution offered by Brother Filtration, mining companies can treat groundwater (including hypersaline water) for use on-site, treat raffinate/tailings to recover valuable metals, select removal/recovery of many contaminants, and treat acid mine drainage, tailings water, and process water for process reuse or compliant disposal to the environment.

The content of suspended matter in mine water is much higher than that of surface water, which contains a small volume of suspended matter, light specific gravity, slow settling, and poor coagulation effect. This kind of water needs to be treated and make possible for reuse in mining.

Membrane solutions for municipal water producers

Possibly the biggest problem with mining is waste. Each product from mining for metals and salts typically generates tons of waste, much of which is made up of acidic compounds that can have an adverse effect on the environment or permanently lower a natural water source to dangerous levels.

The quantity of waste generated in large-scale mining operations may be significantly reduced, and it can even be avoided from ever being exposed to the environment, thanks to membrane systems from Brother Filtration that can be specifically built to satisfy any water purification need.

A large portion of this cleansed water can also be used again in the same mining operation, reducing the strain on nearby water supplies. Additionally, it offers a reliable source of water for domestic purposes at the location (showers, sinks, restrooms, etc.).

Membrane solutions for municipal water producers

Ultrafiltration solutions for municipal water producers

There is a special type of waste created during the mining of metals called tailings, and on average, one mining disaster occurs worldwide every year.

Tailings are a type of slurry made up of waste substances dissolved in water in high concentrations, creating a kind of sludge that is not only bad for the environment but also unsightly and challenging to get rid of.

It frequently stays in large ponds for decades as heavy substances seep to the bottom and the water evaporates. Arsenic (used in gold mining), cyanide, sulfuric acid, and a variety of other known carcinogens are some of the dangerous substances found in tailings.

The condensing of tailings into big blocks that can be stacked to reduce footprint and no longer pose the risk of seepage into natural water sources is made possible by a ground-breaking method utilizing high-pressure membrane systems

. With the help of ultrafiltration systems from Brother Filtration, this long-term, low-energy storage can be accomplished.

What Brother Filtration can help with mining municipal water?

Brother Filtration, as a filtration expert, offers various filtration solutions for the mining industry and benefits the mining industry. Our filtration systems help to improve the mine water use index and reduce dependence on external water supply with high filtering precision.

Additionally, due to less dependence on outsources, the operation costs for water can be reduced and the economic efficiency can be improved. Brother Filtration also takes operating conditions into consideration, our filtration systems are easy to operate and maintain.

Brother Filtration depth filter cartridges and depth pleated filter cartridges and high flow filter cartridges are all perfect solutions for municipal mining water.


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