Max-T High Flow Filter Cartridge


Max T is Pentair Aqualine High Flow Water Filter Cartridge replacement from Brother Filtration. It is newly launched with perfect fitting with original Pentair Aqualine High Flow filter cartridges FRP housing. Max T pleated high flow cartridge filter is equipped with high quality melt blown polypropylene membrane media. The large (6.5-inches) diameter with an outside-inside flow realizing the use of significantly smaller housings and fewer filter elements.

Better cost-efficiency can be reached if you choose Max T high flow water filters in your RO membrane filtration projects. Still qualified filtered water but lower expense on high flow filter cartridge retrofits. Customized membrane structures in high flow filter elements are also available to cater for your special project needs.


Features of Max-T High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. 6.8 inch large diameter and 60 inch length.
  2. Melt blown Polypropylene filter media
  3. Strengthened PP core
  4. 23 times square feet of media than used in standard 10-inch pleated filter
  5. Positive O-ring seal
  6. Wide range of chemical compatibility

Advantages of Max-T High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Perfect match to original Pentair Aqualine High Flow FRP vessels
  2. Better cost-efficiencyin RO pre-filtration process
  3. OEM/ODM services available
  4. Multi layers membrane structure provides graded filtration

Applications of Max-T High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Municipal Water
  2. RO Pre-filtration
  3. Reclaimed Water
  4. Coolants
  5. Boiler Condensate
  6. Electronics Process Water
  7. Pharmaceutical

More Description

Retention Rating1,3,5,10,20,40um

and others available

Recommended Change

Out Differential Pressure

2.0 Bar @ 20℃
Outer Dimension6.8’’ (170mm)Maximum Flow Rate 

60’’(1560mm) 130m3/h

Length 60’’(1560mm)Core/CageStrength Polypropylene
Max Operating 


80℃ (High Temperature

Requirement is available)

O-ringEPDM/VITONFilter MediaPolypropylene Microfiber