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A complete replacement of Pentair Aqualine High Flow Water Filter Cartridge

What is a high flow filter?

Higher rate than conventional flow filtering systems, when high flow filter cartridges process liquids. Utilizing a high-flow liquid filtration system has a number of advantages over conventional systems, including an increase in the capacity for processing liquids and storing dirt, a reduction in space requirements, and a reduction in waste production.

Brother Filtration is a leading manufacturer of water filter cartridges, especially the high flow filter cartridge. We have OVER 50 types of high-flow filters end connections that can well replace high-flow cartridges from Pall, 3M, Parker, Pentair, and more.

What is a Max-T high flow filter cartridge?

Max-T High Flow Filter Cartridge is a complete replacement for Pentair Aqualine High Flow Water Filter Cartridge from Brother Filtration. It is perfectly fitting with the original Pentair Aqualine High Flow filter cartridges FRP housing. The Max-T pleated high flow cartridge filter is equipped with high-quality melt-blown polypropylene membrane media.

The large (6.5-inches) diameter with an outside-inside flow realizes the use of significantly smaller housings and fewer filter elements, at the meantime, the inner PP core improves the cartridge for high mechanical strength. And Max-T also has multiple-layer construction. With all these characteristics, the Max-T can do graded filtration, reduce labour costs, require less footprint, and save changing time.

Brother Filtration adopts PP material which is in compliance with FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21, and it has wide chemical compatibility. The Max-T is suitable for many industries, such as municipal water, prefiltration for RO systems, reclaimed water, coolants, boiler condensate, electronic process water, and pharmaceutical. And it has better cost-efficiency in RO prefiltration process.


Brother Filtration produce Max-T with our consistent principle, the high-standard materials make high-quality products. Our Max-T filter cartridge can handle many filtration difficulties and be a great solution.

  • Polypropylene materials in compliance with FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21
  • Silicone free construction
  • Labor-saving
  • Quick change design
  • Smaller foot space
  • Wide range of chemical compatibility
  • Multiple pleated layers construction
  • Inner PP core for high mechanical strength
  • Perfect Pentair Aqualine replacement

The Max-T filter cartridge is a outstanding and excellent product. We believe that it is a good choice for your filtration problem and it assures the perfect performance with all these advantages.

  • High dirt-holding capacity
  • High filtration efficiency
  • High flow rate
  • Nominally rated with retention ratings between 1-100µm at 90-95% efficiencies
  • Absolute rated with retention ratings between 1-20µm at 98-99.9% efficiencies
  • Only one Max-T is equivalent to: 56 pcs Melt Blown 40inch φ2.5”, 37 pcs Pleated 40inch φ2.5´´, 5 pcs Bag Filter Size#2


Filter Media & Straps Polypropylene
Inner core& End Cap Polypropylene
O-ring EPDM/Buna N/Silicon/Viton



Length 20/40/60inch
OD 6.75inch


Operation condition

Max. Temperature ~70 ℃
Recommended DP for change-out 2.1-2.4bar
Filtration area 13.8㎡@60inch, 9.2㎡@40inch


Flow rate of Max-T high flow filter cartridge

Max Thigh flow rate chart 40inchMax Thigh flow rate chart 60inch

Order Information

BHFT -PP -20 -N -0100 -E
Model Media Material Length Filtration Efficency Micron Rating O-ring
Max-T High Flow Filter Cartridge PP=Polypropylene
GF=Glass Fiber
1 inch =25.4 mm
Notice: Due to the filter has variety in design, please contact BROTHER sales for more information
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