Poly-Guard Pleated Filter Cartridge


A designed pleated filter cartridge for power condensate filtration

Poly-Guard pleated cartridge filter is the Most Extensively Used Back Wash Pleated Filter in Power Plant Condensation water polishing. Especially designed for water condensate filtration in power plants without resin precoat.

The steam turbine at a thermal power plant rotates due to the heat energy produced when fuel (coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc.) is burned, producing high-temperature, high-pressure steam that powers a generator to produce electricity.

The boiler feed water is mostly treated as part of the power plant’s water treatment process. The major applications for the filter cartridge are the treatment of boiler feed water and condensate.

Corrosion leftovers, dissolved salts, suspended particles, organic matter, and dissolved gases are the primary contaminants in condensate water. These impurities must be eliminated because they erode boilers and thermal systems and are primarily caused by condenser cooling water and gas leaks and thermal system corrosion.

Poly-Guard pleated cartridge filter is constructed with the highest purity materials (no fillers, talcs, TiO2, or surfactants) for minimal Rinse-up Time, and surface area exceeds that of conventional condensate filters by a 20:1 ratio for lower pressure drops, increasing service life and backwash cycles.

Poly-Guard pleated cartridge filter help to reduce more than 98% of Iron Oxide and suspended copper. With absolute construction and surface retention, bringing good capacity for efficient back wash and particle removal.

Brother Filtration Poly-Guard pleated filter cartridge has the excellent ability to back wash more than 200 times, and it has a strong cage core and structure for preventing connection broken.

With its large filtration area, it has a high dirt-holding capacity and long service life. Besides, the nanofiber media results a higher filtration efficiency. We offer various connection types to meet your current equipment’s needs.


Brother Filtration Poly-Guard pleated filter cartridge, the perfect solution for power plant condensation. Our product has unparalleled highlights and better filtration performance.

  • Special Support Media for more than 200 times backwash
  • Strongcage core and strong structure in case of connection broken
  • Various connection types to meet your current equipment needs

Brother Filtration only designs and manufactures high-quality products. Our Poly-guard pleated filter cartridge has better filtration performance and long service life, making our customers have less trouble.

  • High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Lagerfiltration area and longer service life
  • Nanofiber media for higher filtration efficiency and more dirt holding


Filtration Media Polypropylene
Inner core Polypropylene
Out cage Polypropylene
Endcaps Polypropylene and SS316
Length 30-80inch
Out diameter/Inner diameter 68mm/36.7mm
Filtration area 4.06m2
Max temperature 70 ℃
Max Operating DP 0.4 MPA @ 21℃
0.24 MPA@ 70℃
Recommended Flow Rate 0.5 m3/h/10inch
Recommended backwash water flow 0.45-0.68m3/h
Recommended backwash airflow 3.4-5m3/h

Order Information

BGDP -PP -30 -0100 -E -R -P
Model Material Length Micron Rating O-ring Connection Inner Core
Poly-Guard Pleated Cartridge Filter PP=Polypropylene 30=30inch
E=EPDM R=Inner Thread+ Screw P=PP Core
S=SUS 304
U=SUS 316
1 inch =25.4 mm
Notice: Due to the filter has variety in design, please contact BROTHER sales for more information
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