Polyester Pleated Filter Cartridge


An alternative solution for your water filtration with cost-effective and high-efficiency features.

Polyester, a completely synthetic material used to make Brother Filtration ProClean Polyester pleated filters, is washable and has a long lifespan. They are therefore a more affordable option. The pleated form is ideal for sand, silt, sediment, and dirt filtering.

ProClean Polyester Pleated Filter Cartridges from Brother Filtration is made of pleated Polyester filter media with a central core and premium end cap. Low-pressure drop and high flow capacity are features of polyester pleated cartridges. The polyester pleated cartridges have a high retention efficiency and are made from 100% synthetic fibers that are free of binders or adhesives. Additionally, they are easily washable and reusable.

Water replacement filters are another name for polyester pleated filter cartridges. Polyester pleated cartridges are one of the most cost-effective choices for water treatment because of the increased surface area and longer lifespan of the pleated shape. It is suitable for treatments of drinking water filtration, water and wastewater reuse, groundwater remediation, disposal water, and prefiltration for RO systems.

According to the characteristics of the material, the polyester cartridge has wide chemical compatibility, which makes it suitable for chemical filtration. Besides, it takes less change-out, thanks to the long service life it has.

With innovative pleated technology, polyester pleated cartridges have superior effective filtration area and lower pressure drop than other deep filtration elements such as wire wounds, spun polypropylene, or melt blown cartridges. Also, it has 12 times the surface area more than others.

In Brother Filtration, there is a wide range of polyester filter cartridges for you to make options. Standard and jumbo types dimensions and surface area are available, and different lengths from 10 to 30 inch also offered for you.


The special characteristics of polyester material, contribute to the excellent abilities, by which the ProClean Polyester Pleated Filter Cartridge provides. Brother Filtration believes this cost-effective filter cartridge would satisfy your expectation.

  • Fewer filter element change-out
  • Less investment cost
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Thermal bonded for longer use life
  • Available in a lot of lengths to meet different demands and equipment requirements
  • Optional type for standard and jumbo

As an economical alternative filter choice, the Polyester pleated filter cartridge has more advantages than you might think. It helps you reduce the operation costs, while ensuring filtration performance.

  • Low-Pressure Drop
  • Longer Filtration Service Time
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent compatibility with a wide range of chemicals
  • Large filtration surface


Filter Media & Straps Polyester
Inner core& End Cap Polypropylene



Dimensions Standard Type: OD 2 3/4” I.D. 1 1/16″
Jumbo: O.D 4 1/2”
Length 10’’. 20’’, 30’’
Surface Area Standard 6 sq.B per 10’’
Jumbo 16 sq.B per 10’’


Operation conditions

Temperature 60 ℃ (Standard cartridge)
PH 3~11

Order Information

BCPE -025 -5 -0001
Product Type Length Micron Rating
Proclean Polyester  Pleated  Cartridge Filter 025=OD 2.5inch
045=OD 4.5inch
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