ProClean Polyester Pleated Cartridge Filter


Brother Filtration pleated bag filter is especially for bag filter housing system, it can replace size #1 and size #2 bag filter. Pleated bag filters can be directly installed in the current bag housing system, with no changes.

Brother pleated bag filter is produced by 100% polypropylene advanced microfiber and can provide high filtration efficiency and longer service time than traditional water filter bag.

Features of ProClean Polyester Pleated Cartridge Filter

  1. High Flow Capacity in one pleated bag filter;
  2. The large surface area of pleat technology;
  3. Precision Filtration Performance;
  4. Highly consistent performance;
  5. 100% constructed by advanced polypropylene media;
  6. Widely excellent chemical capacity;
  7. Lower initial pressure drop


Applications of ProClean Polyester Pleated Cartridge Filter

  1. Refined Products
  2. Amines
  3. Special Chemicals
  4. Waste Water
  5. Pipeline fuels
  6. Cooling Water
  7. Utility Water
  8. Glycols

More Description

Retention Rating1,3,5,10,20,40um

and others available

Recommended Change

Out Differentical Pressure

2.1 Bar @ 20℃
Outer Dimension6’’ (152mm)Filter MediaPolypropylene Microfiber
Size #1 and #2 Bag FilterCore/CageStrength Polypropylene
Max Operating Temperature80℃ (High Temperature

Requirement is available)

OutsideRigid Hard Cage (Standard)
ModelLengthMicron RatingMediaRecommended Change Out Pressure Drop
HFB-010-P-P-1Size #11.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-030-P-P-1Size #13.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-050-P-P-1Size #15.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-100-P-P-1Size #110.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-200-P-P-1Size #120.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-400-P-P-1Size #140.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-010-P-P-2Size #21.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-030-P-P-2Size #23.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-050-P-P-2Size #25.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-100-P-P-2Size #210.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-200-P-P-2Size #220.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃
HFB-400-P-P-2Size #240.0 MicronPolypropylene Micron Fiber Media2.1 Bar @ 20℃