ProClean Polyester Pleated Cartridge Filter


BROPLEAT Series Pleated Cartridge Filter are the best method for filtering dirt, sand, silt and sediment. Pleated filter cartridges outperform string wound, spun polypropylene or melt blown, resin bonded, and other “depth” type filter elements because pleated cartridges have dramatically increased surface area, which means pleated filters deliver much longer life. Lower pressure drop (another significant advantage of pleated filters) allows for increased flow rates and the use of smaller filter housings to reduce equipment costs. Further savings are provided because our 100% synthetic filter media is cleanable, five micron and up, to lower cartridge replacement costs. Pleated Polyester filter cartridges offer superior filtration because their filter media is pleated for more surface area and increased particulate removal. They offer up to twelve times more surface area than Depth Type cartridges!

Features of ProClean Polyester Pleated Cartridge Filter

  •  Low Pressure Drop
  •  Longer Filtration Service Time
  •  Fewer filter element change-out
  • Costs less to use
  • Thermal bonded for longer use life
  • Lower operation costs

Typical Application of ProClean Polyester Pleated Cartridge Filter

  • Pre-RO
  • Drinking Water Filtration
  • Water and Wastewater reuse,
  • Ground Water Remediation
  • Disposal Water
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chemicals

Specification of ProClean Polyester Pleated Cartridge Filter

Filter Media & Straps Polyester
Inner core& End Cap Polypropylene
Dimensions Standard Type: OD 2 3/4” I.D. 1 1/16″
Jumbo: O.D 4 1/2”
Length 10’’. 20’’, 30’’
Surface Area Standard 6 sq.B per 10’’
Jumbo 16 sq.B per 10’’
Operation conditions
Temperature 60 ℃ (Standard cartridge)
PH 3~11

Ordering Information

BCPE -025 -5 -0001
Product Type Length Micron Rating
Proclean Polyester  Pleated  Cartridge Filter 025=OD 2.5inch
045=OD 4.5inch


Polyester pleated filter cartridge in brother filtration adopts imported fiber polyester filter material, which is of better abrasion resistance compared with traditional filter material. As it has characters of good stiffness ,it also can be repeatedly cleaned, which prolong the whole service life of filter cartridge.Polyester pleated filter cartridge is our featured pleated cartridge filter especially for refined product filtration. If you have any questions,please feel free let us know or send email to us [email protected]

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