Common large flow cartridge filters in market

For the most popular brands of large flow filter cartridges in the market, after a deeper research, we could make a simple conclusion as below:

1)XLDM & HFU series from PALL

2)CUNO 7000 &7400 series from 3M

3)Mega flow series from Parker

4)HF filter series from Pentair

5)Max high flow series from Brother Filtration

Other common large flow cartridge filters are personal customized by end user.

How to improve efficiency of large flow filter cartridges

How to recuce cost of large flow filter cartridges?

If people want to reduce cost of large flow filter cartridges,the key point is to explore the balance between efficiency and service life.However, the interception efficiency is directly proportional to the filtration accuracy, while the accuracy is closely related to the resistance and flow rate. That is to say, with high accuracy, the efficiency will be good, but the life of filter cartridge will be short;  on the contrary ,if low precision and long life, filter cartridges’ efficiency will be reduced.

There are two cases for your reference:


filter element1from the photo, we can see that it is completely plugged up at the Valleys,but at the peaks and other place,there is few impurities. According to calculation, 1/7 area is yellow, and 6/7 area is white.We can find that only1/7 area do the filtration function, because the design of filter element is unreasonable.

Case 2:

filter element2

The blockage contains a large number of rigid particles like sediment and a small amount of colloid. Because there is only one layer membrane, lacking of dirt capacity.When the particles is too much, especially colloid, it will be easily blocked.

How to improve efficiency of large flow filter cartridges?


1.Some problem in pre treatment:the ultra filtration leaks,which leads to bad filtration effect;

2.Some problem in filter cartridge:the filtration layer is too small so it lacks of space to carry more dirt.


1.check the operation conditions of pre filtration especially ultra filtration;

2.Use the filter cartridge made of multi-layer membrane to increase space of dirt,then we can improve filtration effect and extend its service life.

How to extend service life of large flow filter cartridges?

The reason of short life of our filter cartridges:

1.The quality of raw water is poor and unstable

2.Carbon leakage and sand leakage during pre treatment

3.Too much microorganisms growth in summer

4.The system of medicine added is broken or the quantity of used drug is not proper.

If you forget to replace the filter cartridge,the particulate will increase when it passed through RO membrane,which will cause serious hurt to RO membrane.It will not only takes big risk to following filtration, but also raise cost.

filter element3

How to choose large flow filter cartridges?

A good filter cartridge, it is with high capture efficiency and long service to achieve it ? High flow cartridge filter from brother filtration equipment will give a perfect answer.It adopts thinner membrane material to ensure high capture efficiency.the use of multi-layer membrane can further improve capture efficiency and extend service life.

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