With the increasing demand for high-flow filtration, many customers prefer to adopt high-flow filter cartridges for their filtration system. The reason they use high-flow filter cartridges is to improve filtration efficiency. But, can we do better? Can we improve the efficiency of the high-flow filter cartridge? The answer is absolute yes.

How to improve efficiency of large flow filter cartridges

We will introduce knowledge about high-flow filter cartridges, help you to select, use, extend service life and improve the efficiency of large flow filter cartridges. If you are interested in those aspects, you can not miss out on this article.

The common used high-flow filter cartridges in the market

We summarize some main series of high-flow filter cartridges and popular brands in the market, which are shown below.

  1. XLDM & HFU series from PALL
  2. CUNO 7000 &7400 series from 3M
  3. Mega flow series from Parker
  4. HF filter series from Pentair
  5. Max high flow series from Brother Filtration
Common used high flow filter cartridge in market

Are you familiar with them? Or have you already used them in your plant? What’s your user experience with them? You can share with us.

How to reduce the cost of large flow filter cartridges?

If you want to reduce the cost of large flow filter cartridges, the key point is to explore the balance between efficiency and service life. However, the interception efficiency is directly proportional to the filtration accuracy, while the accuracy is closely related to the resistance and flow rate.

That means, with high accuracy, the efficiency will also be good, but the life of filter cartridges will be shorter;  on the contrary, if low precision and long service life are provided, filter cartridges’ efficiency will be reduced.

Here are two cases that show what exactly we said.

Case 1:

Case 1

From the photo, it is shown that the filter element was entirely clogged in the valley. However, the impurities were unevenly distributed in peaks and other places. According to reliable calculations, 1/7 area is yellow, and 6/7 area is white. That means, only 1/7 parts of the filter element are effectively used, due to the unreasonable design of the filter cartridge.

Case 2:

Case 2

A large number of rigid particles blocked the filter element, which contained sediments and a small amount of colloid. There is only one-layer membrane in this filter cartridge, which leads to easy clogging and a lack of filtration area. When particles are pretty much, especially the colloid, the membrane is easily blocked and loses filtration ability.

We can summarize from those two cases that enough filtration area offers not only a large dirt-holding capacity but also long service life. However, when the inappropriate design is utilized, the usage rate of the filtration area would be low, which also results in low efficiency and high cost.

How do improve the efficiency of high-flow filters?

Before we try to improve efficiency for high flow filter cartridge, there are some problems we should notice.

Problem 1: leakage problem of ultrafiltration often happens in the pre-filtration stage, which leads to a bad filtration effect.

Problem 2: the filtration layer is small and lacks space to contain more dirt, this is a common issue for filter cartridges.

How to improve efficiency for high flow filter

Solutions for those problems

  • Checking operating conditions for prefiltration, especially the ultrafiltration stage.
  • Adopting multi-layer membrane structures for filter cartridges to increase the space for dirt. This can both improve filtration efficiency and extend filter cartridges’ service life. That is what we mentioned above, balancing efficiency and service life.

How do extend the service life of large flow filter cartridges?

To extend the service life of high flow filter cartridges, we need to first figure out the reason for short life of large flow filter cartridges.

  • The quality of raw material is poor and unstable
  • Leakage problem of carbon and sand during prefiltration
  • Large quantities of microorganisms grow in summer


If you forget to replace the filter cartridge, the particles will increase significantly when passing through the RO membrane, which will cause serious damage to the RO system.

It raises the costs of the whole filtration system and affects the filtration performance. We would like to introduce another blog, that explains the factors connected to the service life of filter cartridges in detail.

How to extend service life of large flow filter cartridges

How to choose large flow filter cartridges?

A qualified high-flow filter cartridge should have the ability to handle a high flow rate and have a large filtration surface for a large dirt-holding capacity. Based on the different operating conditions, a suitable type of high-flow filter cartridge should be applied.

Below are the main series we have to replace the top brands

For example, if the operating condition requires high pressure and high temperature, a high flow filter cartridge like Max-Iron which is equipped with a metal protection mesh is needed. When you need a large filtration surface, a multi-layer pleated filter cartridge like Max-A can be a great choice.


Why do we always focus on researching how to improve the efficiency of large flow filter cartridges? Because we deeply know, that is the key to helping end users reduce filtration costs.

When a large flow filter cartridge is completely used with proper design, the efficiency of it would be definitely high. That helps to decrease the frequency of changing the filter cartridge and finally reduces the cost.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience, and designs and manufactures all kinds of filter products, especially in the high-flow filtration field. We are called a high-flow filtration expert by our clients.

We not only provide high-quality filter products but also better filtration solutions. If you have any problem with filtration or are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to offer you the best service in a fast response.

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