We learned the importance of water since we were kids, and the teacher told us to cherish precious water resources. However, the circumstance of the water didn’t change a lot after these years.

As filtration people, we truly know that water is everything. We can not live without water, also we can not do industrial manufacturing without water.

Though the whole society attaches more importance to the protection of water resources, we still have water shortage problems in many areas, and water scarcity is far way from being solved.

It is known that water is a limited resource, but with the development of industrialization, growing population, and urbanization, we are consuming larger quantities of water than before.

The facts you should know about water sustainability

To realize the real circumstance of water resource, we should know some facts about the water resources.

The horrendous data about the water

The earth is covered about 70% by water, however not drinkable water. Among them, only 3% is fresh water and 0.5% of it can be consumed by us. You may not think about before, that two-thirds of the world is going to face a water shortage problem.

The horrendous data about the water

There are 2.3 billion people who reside in nations with water scarcity, which means that each individual receives less than 1 700 m³ of water annually.

However, 380 billion m³ of municipal wastewater is produced globally each year. 20 million people died because of WWⅡ, but do you know the number of people who died of a disease that is spreads by unclean water is more than this?

The comparison is so direct and shocking. When some kids are still longing for more clean water to drink, some manufacturers are worrying about the high costs for the large water consumption or discharge the wastewater without treatment to the freshwater resources.

The water crisis we are facing

You can not ignore the truth that the water shortage problem is still severe and you can not keep out of protecting for water resources. It is so ironic that we are facing the land disappeared problem because melting glaciers lead to too much water, at the same time we are facing the water crisis due to scarcity.

The water crisis we are facing

As we mentioned above, unclean water can spread disease and cause death. People living in water scarcity region, they may have no choice but to drink unclean water to keep survival. They can not even assure the health condition of themselves.

It is hard to believe that regions with abundant rainfall also have water shortage problem. Because rainwater and groundwater can not use directly which contains lots of contaminants.

However, it can be collected and treated, transforming into usable water. With the help of Brother Filtration water filtration products, the transformation can be achieved.

collecting water

It’s heartbroken to see the girls and women in water scarcity regions have to walk a long way to collect water. The infrastructure can not support them for transportation and store clean water. They don’t even have time to get an education or go to work. It’s just because they must spend all their time finding usable water.

How to keep the sustainability of water

Scientific and technical personnel have exerted all their energies to find a new way for purifying water. To help more people have the opportunities to access clean water. By water conservation, water treatment, and other filtration technologies, we have the possibility to keep the water resource sustainable.

Water resource protection

The laws and regulations all over the world have been more completed in the environmental protection field. Before, many factories or plants directly discharged the wastewater, which contain large quantities of poisonous and harmful substances, into the surrounding lakes or rivers, resulting in severe pollution.

water protection

The factories operated illegally because of the light punishment and less cost a penalty than the treatment investment. They would rather pay for the penal sum than filer and treat the wastewater. Additionally, the environmental protection concept was not universal at that time.

In recent years, more and more countries have devoted to environmental protection. They legislated the full penalties of the law and enact heavy punishment for the illegal discharge. Companies begin to realize the importance of sustainability and abide by the local rule to treat water with all kinds of filter elements.

Water treatment

We have multiple ways to treat the water, we can use chemical agents and filtration technology. They have the same goal, which is to separate or eliminate the undesired things from the water.

Water treatment

The well-known RO system is originally designed for seawater desalination, which is a great development. It helps us to transform the unusable salty sea water into usable and even drinkable water. This technology really helps the people who live near the sea but lack fresh water, solving the industrial and residential needs for water.

Except for the RO system, we also have different depth filter elements to do depth filtration, which can remove large amounts of impurities from the water based on diverse needs.

From filtration, we can remove particles from the water, making it clean and safe for drinking. Also, industrial wastewater can be reused after a proper filtration process.

Water conservation

It is a standing dish that everyone is told to save water since childhood. But how can we practice it by our actions? As normal people, we can do it from the daily routine, and reuse the water as much possible as you can.

Water conservation

For industrial manufacturers, it is not only a necessity but also a strategy for multiplex water management. Filtering manufacturing water can protect the downstream machines and reduce downtime.

As for the treatment of wastewater, it is necessary for plants to reach the standard level of discharge, also it helps to reuse the wastewater and reduce water consumption.


Protection for the precious water resource can not be achieved by one person, one company, or one country. All society needs to act on this and realize what we are facing right now. It is urgent for everyone to know the circumstance of water, and attach importance to water sustainability.

Brother Filtration is specialized in the water filtration field, what we do is all about the water. We deeply know the importance of reusing and saving water to protect the limited resource.

It is also our duty as filtration people to offer various water purification solutions for plants and companies. Let’s work together, and protect the sustainability of the precious water resource.

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