Different from filtration, UV technology is another type of water treatment method. Filtration aims to remove the particles and impurities in water, while UV technology’s objective is to disinfect the viruses and bacteria in water.

To help you get a more clear reorganization of UV water treatment technology, and help you confirm whether you need a UV system in your water treatment system, we introduce all the detail about UV technology in this article.


Before we talk about what kinds of applications actually need this technology, we need to figure out what is a UV system and what is characteristics of it. Additionally, it is important to know the features of their own industries, so that they can clearly know the necessity of having a UV system.

What is UV technology in water treatment? And how does it work?

Water that is microbiologically dangerous is injected into an ultraviolet sanitizer, which uses germicidal ultraviolet light to disinfect the water. The DNA of different microorganisms will be altered by this light, making the water pure.

UV technology

The UV Disinfection System is a very powerful tool for eradicating microbiological contaminants from water. However, for UV-C radiation to successfully disinfect the water, bacteria must be exposed to it in the right quantity.

UV disinfection systems have a wide range of uses, including the treatment of industrial wastes as well as the purifying of drinking water for individual households and entire townships.

For industrial applications, UV water treatment is acknowledged as a safer and more economical method of water disinfection.

What kinds of benefits can we get from UV technology?

Compared with other water treatment methods, UV is very special and beneficial with lots of advantages.

UV benefits
  • Chemical free. UV technology can sterilize in a totally natural way without any chemical solvents. We even have UV from the sunlight.
  • It is an environmentally-friendly water treatment method. It is entirely harm-free and non-poisonous.
  • Effective and efficient. All microorganisms can be killed by UV in a short time.
  • Cost-effective. Though it is a helpful and useful technology, it doesn’t cost a lot.
  • Convenient and easy. It is easy and convenient for staff to install and operate.

For which applications and industries UV disinfection system is extremely suitable?

The UV disinfection system is necessary for some industries and applications, especially those that are closely connected to our daily life, such as food&beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, drinking water, and swimming pools. All these are related to our health directly, so disinfection and sterilization are crucial.

  • Food and Beverage

The use of UV light for food and beverage goods is a relatively new and difficult field compared to the treatment of water and wastewater, air disinfection, and surfaces. Due to absorption and scattering or surface effects that are much higher than those of water or air, effective UV treatment for food applications necessitates different methods than those that are typically used for water or air treatment.


Clarified juices and soft drinks are examples of UV-transparent or semi-transparent liquids that can benefit from UV light treatment. Turbid liquids with particulates, such as apple cider and orange juice, however, where UV light is strongly absorbed, scattered, or reflected, are less likely to benefit from UV treatment.

The properties and composition of the food product to be treated, the characteristics and appropriate selection of the UV radiation source, the microbial effectiveness against pathogenic and spoilage organisms, the effects on quality, enzymes, and nutrient content, modeling, as well as commercial and economic aspects, including process validity, are all taken into account in a systematic evaluation of UV light technology as a substitute for pasteurization, shelf life extension, or disinfection methods.

  • Bio-Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical sector, and more specifically pharmaceutical production, has adhered to stringent quality requirements.

Due to the fact that pharmaceutical production businesses consume more water than required by international regulatory standards, the company as a whole has extremely strict internal water regulations and rules.

bio pharmaceutical

Numerous pharmaceutical businesses have already experimented with and tested various water sanitization techniques. The UV disinfection system, however, has proven to be the most successful approach thus far.

UV light fixtures and UV chambers have been implemented in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to stop contamination from equipment, tools, water, and other pollutants.

  • Cosmetics

Products for baby care, skin care, and cosmetics have grown significantly in recent years. Because the preparation of cosmetic products must adhere to strict legal requirements, it is essential for the cosmetic sector to invest in reliable and high-quality UV disinfection equipment.


One of the most crucial components is water. Almost every type of cosmetic and personal care product is made with water. Cleansers, creams, deodorants, lip care, moisturizers, makeup, personal care items, and even shampoos and shaving products, all contain water.

To assure purity and lengthen shelf life, water that is devoid of toxins, contaminants, and microorganisms is utilized. In order to prepare these items, high-purity water subjected to UV disinfection is the preferable option.

  • Swimming pool

Swimming pool water has often been kept clean with chlorine. However, it is becoming more well-known that chemical disinfection causes hundreds of new, dangerous compounds to create when the chemical combines with numerous other organic materials. While UV is acknowledged as a safer and more affordable method of swimming pool disinfection.

Swimming pool

There are domestic and commercial swimming pools, according we can offer both residential and commercial UV systems. By using UV systems for water treatment, we can significantly reduce the use of chlorine and cause less pollutants to our environment.

  • Waste water treatment

A significant source of potentially hazardous contamination is industrial effluent. Greater restrictions on the release of pathogenic microorganisms from industrial discharge have been put in place in order to safeguard the environment, including rivers, lakes, beaches, and coastal areas. Many large-scale manufacturing enterprises have used UV as a component of their wastewater treatment process as a result.

  • Drinking water

The health of people and their families may be in danger if people use water from natural sources including dams, streams, bores, and rainwater tanks. All naturally generated water should be carefully tested and treated before being used for drinking, bathing, filling swimming and wading pools, food preparation, or cooking, according to the Department of Health.


The removal of microbiological pollutants that could lead to sickness can be accomplished using a variety of water treatment technologies. One water treatment method that can be utilized to get rid of the majority of microbiological contamination in water is UV light disinfection.

What Brother Filtration can offer?

Brother Filtration provides not only better filtration solutions, but also all kinds of water treatment equipment. When it comes to the UV system, we have three types below.

  • Commercial UV Water Sterilizer is mainly commercial use which is perfect for commercial use, such as swimming pools, hotels, schools, etc. Only UV lamps and quartz sleeves would be replaced annually for this UV water purification system, less maintenance cost. It can save a lot of money from buying hardware stores, plumbing houses, or bottled water. Low electrical is needed to save on the energy bill.
Commercial UV Water Sterilizer
  • Industrial UV Water Sterilizer is easy to install and operate. It would take you less time to installation as the compact design and simple components. Water flows through the system without the need for a holding tank or reaction times.
Industrial UV Water Sterilizer
  • Residential UV Water Sterilizer is equipped with the most advanced Ultraviolet technology, UV water sterilizer system is the most effective disinfection solution for bacteria, viruses, and germs, for example, coliform, Giardia, Salmonella, etc. especially for well water, it’s safe to drink after the purification. Protects your family from waterborne contaminants including microorganisms.


As one of the more popular options for water treatment and disinfection, UV systems are being used more and more widely in a variety of industries. The use of UV systems is not only more environmentally friendly, but also more efficient in destroying bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the water. It is easy and convenient to install and operate, which can be more efficient.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience and manufactures all kinds of filtration products and water treatment equipment. If you have a problem with water treatment or you are interested in our UV systems, please feel free to contact us!

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