Some Operation Tips About Bag Filter Housing

Bag Filter Housing has a compact structure and a reasonable size during the manufacturing process. Equipment is very simple and convenient during installation and operation

How does bag filter housing operate?

Bag filter housing operate is easy that can select different filter bags according to different filter media and planning processes. It can meet requirements of effluent water quality.

How to pick CTO&GAC?

Before we have learned Activated Carbon in the last blog, and we say Carbon Filter(CTO&GAC) is a series of sediment filter perfectly produce water. Activated carbon can eliminate chlorine in the water. The process can be regarded as Cl2. The reaction between water and carbon initiates the formation of Cl-, H+ and CO2

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New Innovation- Max-A 3rd Generation

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What is the Activated Carbon?

Nowadays Water quality is evaluated by the human based on color, odor and taste. So if the water looks clear, smells not bad, and tastes […]