How does reverse osmosis work?Let’s have a look at how Brother Filtration water recycling plant uses reverse osmosis to do further treat waste water after the ultra filtration process.

What’s reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis membrane are constructed from a membrane flat sheet.  It is comprised of three layers: a polyester fabric support base a micro porous poly cellphone layer and a point two micron tick poly amide barrier layer, the poly cellphone lair strengthens the very thin barrier layer.   It is the barrier layer that removes nutrients chemicals bacteria and viruses from the water. The membrane flat sheet is combined with a sheet of feed channel spacer, this provides turbulence and create space between the membrane sheets for the feed water.   A sheet of permeate spacer is added to the membrane sheets and feed channel spacer, this enables the final recycled water product or permeate to flow evenly across the entire membrane surface, even under high pressure, the back of the membrane is completely sealed to the edges of the permeate spacer,   the membrane sheets are glued along each of the three exposed sides and rolled around the core tube.

How does reverse osmosis work?

How does reverse osmosis workFeed water is forced though the feed channel spacer and into the barrier layer of the membrane water process though the membrane surface into the permeate channel, it flows in a spiral direction and collects in the core tube. This water is the final recycled water product or permeate, there are seven spiral wound elements loaded in one pressure vessel.  Once the end adapter is connected to the last element and the pressure vessel is sealed,feed water can be introduced.  Feed water is pumped at high pressure into the vessel as it travels small molecules like water pass through the membrane while large particles such as salt bacteria and viruses do not, the final recycled water product is collected from the end of the elements, the concentrate or reject  from that vessel flows to another stage producing more recycled water.

Brother Filtration water recycling plant case

At stage one,Brother filtration there are six reverse osmosis treatment trains each with three designs, this design produces the highest amount of recycled water with reduced concentrate waste stage. one has 52 pressure vessels.Stage two has 24 and stage three has 12 pressure vessels.58million litres of feed water enters the reverse osmosis system on a daily basis as the feed water passes through each stage more recycled water is extracted.65% recycled water is extracted at stage 1,the remaining 35% is passed through stage 2 where a further 10% is extracted,the final 25% is passed through stage 3 where the last 5% of recycled water is extracted 80% of all feed water is recovered as recycled water an average of 50 million litres of recycled water is produced every’s in marries the remaining concentrate contains so much salt and impurities that to recycle it would not make economics sense this concentrate steam of 8 million litres a day is sent to North Head waste water treatment plant where it is treated and released into the ocean.

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