Filter bags as new trend filter products, are popular in market and preferred by many customers. It is not surprising that people like to use filter bags, because they are so convenient and easy to operate.

Another reason for its popularity is that the filter bags are reusable and washable without affecting its filtration performance, which helps to reduce investment costs. So, it is essential to know how to clean the filter bag in a correct way.

The steps to clean the filter bag

The steps to clean the filter bag

Bag filter is a pressure filtration device, when the liquid flows into the filter bag through the side of the inlet pipe of the filter housing (the filter bag is installed in the reinforced basket), then the liquid permeates through the filter bag of the required accuracy level, and finally we can get the required filtrate, the impurity particles are captured by the filter bag.

wash filter bag

To wash filter bags, we have many things to notice. We are not allowed to use high-pressure faucet to wash directly, and it is forbidden to use a water faucets to wash at a certain point for several seconds. At the same time, it is also strictly to scrub with a brush.

There is the correct cleaning method for your reference. Firstly, we take out the filter bag carefully, turn it inside out, then soak it in the pool.

Secondly, we should rub it gently, especially at the bottom of the filter bag, as it is easy to leave impurities and breed mildew.

It is necessary to rub it for many times to reach the required level. Finally, we straighten the filter bag and put it back to the filter housing.

Features of bag filters

Other filtering techniques collect the solids on the outside of the equipment, which increases the risk that they will fall inside the filter when it is removed.

Filter bags maintain the clean side of the filter in this manner; the quantity and size of impurities they remove are determined by the micron rating of the filter bag in question.

  • High-efficiency performance
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Carefully designed construction for superior performance
  • Lower initial cost compared to others
  • Easier and faster for installation and replacement
  • Ability to cover the needs of multiple industries

Different types of filter bag

Bag filters can be used to treat a variety of industrial processes, including the treatment of wastewater, groundwater, cooling water, and industrial process water.

Proclean Normal Filter Bag

Proclean Normal Filter Bag made by Brother Filtration is entirely made of synthetic materials.

The normal filter bag can be applied to various industries, such as prefiltration for RO systems, oil & gas, petrochemical, painting, semiconductor, and municipal water.

Proclean Normal Filter Bag
Proclean Nylon Filter Bag

Proclean Nylon Filter Bag

Proclean Nylon Filter Bag is welded and fused with nylon mesh made of a single fiber.

Nylon Filter Bag has the characteristics of high rate, and it is suitable for occasions where the filtration accuracy is not high, such as filtering large particles of impurities, pre-filtration, and coarse filtration.

Proclean Absolute Filter Bag

ProClean Absolute Filter Bag is a high-efficiency absolute-rated filter bag that is designed for long service life, high dirt-holding, and applications with a demand for absolute particle removal efficiency.

Excellent oil absorption makes it especially suitable for degreasing in the paint and coating industry.

Proclean Absolute Filter Bag
PTFE Filter Bag

PTFE Filter Bag

PTFE is the highest-end-variety material. It has great resistance to erosion, so it is suitable for occasions that require corrosive resistance and long service life.

PTFE filter bag can be perfectly applied to industries such as coal-fired boilers, waste incineration, refining and chemical production process, titanium dioxide (TiO2) production process, treatment of flue gas in the production of carbon block and the first time smelting of some metals.

Extended Long Life Filter Bag

It is obvious according to its name, that extend long life ( EEL) filter bag has a longer service life.

And the EEL filter bag manufactured by Brother Filtration can achieve a 5 times longer lifespan.

Extended Long Life Filter Bag
NOMEX Filter Bag

NOMEX Filter Bag

NOMEX filter bag has the characteristic of heat resistance. When the temperature is at 250℃, the material can stay stable for a long time, so it has strong strength.

It is suitable for applications such as thermal power, powder metallurgy, asphalt, cement, iron & steel, non-ferrous, lime, drying, and broken stone industry.


In both commercial and industrial uses, bag filters remove anything from sediment to other solids to some types of liquid from the water.

As a reusable and washable product, it can be cleaned and washed without affecting its original filtration performance. So, it is important to know how to wash it correctly.

When the right and appropriate method is applied to clean filter bags, maintenance costs and product efficiency can be ensured.

Brother Filtration has been deeply involved in the filtration area, designs and manufactures all kinds of bag filters to fulfill various needs. If you have any problem about how to clean and wash your bag filters, please feel free to contact us.

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