Bag Filter Housing in Brother Filtration has a compact structure and a reasonable size during the manufacture process. Also, the equipment is very simple and convenient during installation and operation. With high filtering accuracy, Bag filter housing is suitable for filtering any fine particles and suspended matter.

classic speed multi bag housing

The filtration area of the bag filter housing is relatively large and the filtration resistance is lower. So bag filter housing owns very high filtration efficiency. The function of a liquid filter bag is equivalent to 10 times filter cartridge, which can be greatly reduced cost.

And bag filter housing has a wide range of applications and can be used for coarse filtration, medium filtration, and fine filtration. In case of the same filtration effect, bag filter housing shares lower investment cost, Longer service life and lower filtration cost comparing with other equipment like pressure filter housing, cartridge filter housing.


The operation process of the bag filter housing is very simple. Only filter bag of required fineness level needs to be installed in the housing body. Then effectively check whether O-ring is intact and tighten the ring bolt over the opening. Thus we can put the housing into operation. guage

After the pump of the bag filter is started, the pressure gauge on the filter of its equipment rises slightly, and its initial pressure is about 0.05MPa. With the extension of operating time, the filter residue in the cylinder gradually increases. When the pressure reached to 0.4 MPa, at this time, the cartridge opening should be opened to replace the filter bag.

Brother Filtration design and manufacture a large range of bag filter housing for different applications. Should any support will be need, pls contact us: [email protected]

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