Industrial manufacturing often consume the most of water compared with other needs. The demands for water filtration system are relatively high due to the large consumption. Is the industrial water filtration system really helpful?

The benefits and drawbacks of water filtration system

Below, we summarize the pros and cons of using a water filtration system. After evaluating it, you may figure out whether you need a filtration system in your application or industry.

The benefits of a water filtration system

Industrial manufacturing normally requires purification and disinfection for final products, which can be achieved by filtration. However, the function and benefits of filtration are more than that.

  • Reduction of suspended solids

Most industrial water filtration system is used to remove the concentration of suspended solid and turbidity from the source water.

It is especially useful in industries such as food & beverage, pulp & paper, and oil & gas, which contain high levels of suspended solids in liquids. By adopting a filtration system, the handling efficiency could be progressed.

Reduction of suspended solids
  • Reduction of other contaminants

By selecting the corresponding micron rating, the filtration performance and the impurities that can be removed are different. The metals, bacteria, viruses, microorganism, iron, manganese, and other contaminants are able to be trapped in a filtration system.

To remove particular contaminants, you only need to choose the filter element with appropriate pore sizes, and the required liquids can be collected after filtration.

Reduction of other contaminants
  • Higher efficiency, less downtime, and maintenance cost

A filtration system can eliminate contaminants more quickly and efficiently than a single filter element. In addition, with the large dirt-holding capacity, the frequency of changing filter elements can be significantly decreased. And that helps to reduce the downtime and maintenance costs directly.

duplex bag filter

You can even filter liquids continuously by using a duplex bag filtration system, which can provide 24/7 filtration with one bag operating and maintenance for another bag filter.

  • Convenient installation and operation

The filtration system always has a compact and proper design for less footprints. More than that, the whole system is generally easy and convenient for end users to assemble. The simple installation guarantees less time wasted on it and makes it easy to clean and disassemble.

FRP skid parts
  • Long term cost efficient

It is expensive for the initial investment in a water filtration system. You need to pay for the whole filtration equipment at the beginning.

However, if you think about the cost in a long-term perspective, you will surprisingly find out that the total costs can be reduced by utilizing the filtration system. And efficient filtration can effectively protect the downstream machines, and accordingly, reduce the maintenance costs.

So, in a long term, the total cost is lower than not using a filtration system.

Long term cost efficient

The drawbacks of water filtration system

Using water filtration system is not fully advantageous, there are surely disadvantages of the water filtration system.

  • High initial investment

As we mentioned above, the filtration system costs a lot at the beginning, the initial investment is relatively high due to the whole system equipment which includes vessels, cartridges, and the set.

The installation space, the shutdown, and adjustment time are all included in the loss. At the same time, staffs need to spend time and energy to learn how to correctly control and operate the system.

High initial investment
  • No flexibility for specified substances

The filter element can trap the contaminants and impurities at different levels with different micron ratings. It can remove all the contaminants larger than the pore size, which also means you can not choose what to filter out and what to keep in liquids.

No flexibility for specified substances

There are maybe some needful substances in water such as beneficial mineral substance in drinkable water, but due to the filtration process, those substances would be removed together with the undesired contaminants.

And you can not separate the substances you want from what you don’t need through filtration. The process just simply filters out every particle that can be removed.


The filtration system has outstanding advantages, but at the same time, it has some unavoidable disadvantages. After all, nothing is perfect. However, it is obvious that the pros of the filtration system overweight the cons. It is a wise choice to apply a filtration system in your plants or production lines.

Brother Filtration is a leading pioneer in the filtration field, designs and manufactures all kinds of filter products. We have a duplex bag filtration system and FRP skid, which are both suitable for various industries with large dirt-holding capacity. If you are interested in the water filtration system, please feel free to contact us.

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