Max-Z high flow filter cartridge


An outstanding replacement for the Amazon FFC series

What is a high flow filter?

Higher rate than conventional flow filtering systems, when high flow filter cartridges process liquids. Utilizing a high-flow liquid filtration system has a number of advantages over conventional systems, including an increase in the capacity for processing liquids and storing dirt, a reduction in space requirements, and a reduction in waste production.

Brother Filtration is a leading manufacturer of water filter cartridges, especially the high flow filter cartridge. We have OVER 50 types of high-flow filter end connections that can well replace high-flow cartridges from Pall, 3M, Parker, Pentair, and more.

What is a Max-Z high flow filter cartridge?

Max Z series is a complete replacement for the Amazon FFC series. It is developed to suit large-scale processes which require higher and better performance. This large diameter pleated filter cartridges are manufactured from either polypropylene or glass fiber depth media.

Brother Filtration high surface area Max-Z filter cartridges provide optimal efficiency and extraordinarily high flow rates. The Max-Z filters were created to work with large-scale processes where great performance is required, offering low-pressure loss and high dirt-holding capacity.

With its multi-layer construction, the Max-Z is equipped with a large filtration area, which reaches 7.9㎡, and its flow rate can be up to 113m³/hr(500GPM). Brother Filtration manufactures Max-Z with silicone-free construction, and we adopt high-standard polypropylene materials which are in compliance with FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21. All these characteristics contribute to the high quality of our Max-Z high-flow filter cartridge.

Brother Filtration Max-Z filter cartridge can be applied to a wide range of industries, such as prefiltration for RO desalination, oil & gas, power generation condensation system, petrochemicals, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and municipal water.


As a replacement of Amazon FFC series, Brother Filtration Max-Z is a superior product. It is based on our principle which helps the market with more and more perfect filtration solutions.

  • Multiple pleated layers construction
  • High filtration area up to 7.9m²
  • High flow rate up to 113m³/hr(500GPM)
  • Easy installation and quick change-out
  • Reduction of labour costs
  • Silicone free construction
  • Polypropylene materials in compliance with FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21
  • Replacement of Amazon FFC series

Brother Filtration Max-Z high flow filter cartridge is designed for the large scale processes, which provides with better performance and higher efficiency. We believe our Max-Z filter won’t let you down.

  • High dirt-holding capacity
  • High flow rate and high efficiency
  • Nominally rated with retention ratings between 1-100µm at 90-95% efficiencies
  • Absolute rated with retention ratings between 1-20µm at 98-99.9% efficiencies
  • Large diameter


Filter Media Polypropylene/Cellulose resin
Outer Netting Polypropylene
Gasket EPDM/Buna N/Silicon/Viton



Length 20/40/60inch
OD 152mm


Operation condition

Max. Temperature ~70 ℃
Recommended DP for change-out 2.1-2.4bar
Filtration area 7.9㎡@60inch,5.3㎡@40inch


Flow Rate of Max Z High Flow Filter Cartridge

Max Flow Rate Recommended Flow Rate
60 inch 113m³/hr 50m³/hr
40 inch 75m³/hr 33m³/hr

Max z high flow 40inch cleanwater

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Max z flow filtter cartridge

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