Basket strainer plays an important role in many industries and applications. Except for the common uses for food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and power generation, it can be also applied to an irrigation system. The main goal of the basket strainer is to prevent sand, rocks, and other foreign substances from damaging the downstream equipment.

Ultimate Guide to basket strainer

This blog will introduce everything you need to know about the basket strainer. If you are interested in this filter product, then don’t miss out on this article.

What is a basket strainer?

A basket strainer is made of metal mesh and looks like a basket with a handle. It is usually applied in a pipeline device to do coarse filtration for liquid or gas.

The particles would be retained in the basket and assure that the downstream equipment can be protected. According to its characteristics and its design, the basket strainer is extremely suitable for removing large solids particles.

detail of basket strainer

A basket strainer is composed of the filter housing and a strainer basket. The liquid or gas enters the basket strainer from the inlet, the impurities would be left in the strainer basket inside, then the filtered liquid or gas goes through from the outlet.

According to different operating requirements, multiple options for sealing material, connection type, seal type, and surface treatment are available.

How does a basket strainer work?

How does basket strainer work

To prevent equipment from being harmed by any undesirable debris that may be present in the pipeline, basket strainers are placed.

Dirt or other foreign particles that find their way into the process fluid might be considered undesirable debris. Basket strainers are typically deployed in horizontal pipes and in circumstances requiring high flow capacity.

The basket strainer is always installed upstream of the pipeline. When untreated liquids enter the pipe, they have to first pass through the basket strainer. The mesh basket inside keeps the debris in liquids and filtered liquids can flow into the pipeline.

The mesh size of the strainer basket

You can consider the strainer basket as the filter cartridge inside the filter housing. It directly affects filtration accuracy. And all these are determined by the mesh size of the strainer basket.

strainer basket

The mesh size is the key factor in the filtration efficiency of the strainer basket. It needs to be selected to filter the undesired debris. It determines the function and the size of particles that could be removed. So, you always choose the mesh size that is smaller than the smallest particles you want to remove.

How to select the best basket strainer for your application?

Based on the different requirements of different industries and applications, the suitable basket strainer is accordingly different. Let’s analyze the factors from outside to inside.

The first thing you need to choose is the filter housing for the basket strainer. Where do you want to place the inlet and outlet, which connection type do you want to choose for your filter and application, and what kinds of sealing material is more suitable for your need? All those factors are important things you can see from the outside.

When it comes to the inside of the basket strainer, the strainer basket is what we pay attention to. Brother Filtration offers both standard top type and slanted top type for strainer baskets. The slanted top type is specially designed for the simplex basket strainer with the inlet and outlet at the same height.

structure of strainer basket

Additionally, the structure of the strainer basket can be also important. The single and double-layer structures would lead to different filtration performances.

It is obvious that the double-layer structure can handle more fine filtration. The shape of the strainer basket’s mesh can be also optional. We got a big square shape, small square shapes, and a circle shape for diverse needs.

After all, the factors mentioned above have been taken into consideration, you can absolutely find the most proper basket strainer for your plants or production line.

The benefits of the basket strainer

Expensive equipment and pipeline device can be easily damaged from the debris in liquid or gas. To solve this problem, a basket strainer is needful in upstream of the pipeline. It can trap small debris, retain them inside the strainer basket, and protect the subsequent equipment and pipelines.

basket strainer benefits

A basket strainer can be applied to prefiltration for desalination, and prefiltration for water that is drawn directly from the lakes or rivers. It can filter out the leaves, gravel, and other flotsam.

How to maintain the basket strainer?

Basket strainers can be used indefinitely as long as they are routinely cleaned and maintained, unlike filters that must be changed on a regular basis. A functioning pipeline requires high-flow systems to maintain pressure.

You can add pressure gauges on either side of the basket strainer to warn you of any line abnormalities. When the strainer becomes under pressure, it must be taken out and cleaned.

Be careful to properly monitor the pressure since a severe clog could result from poor strainer management, necessitating strainer replacement.

maintain basket strainer

To preserve the strainer’s longevity, periodic cleaning is advised in addition to pressure monitoring.

The maintenance of a pressured strainer could cause physical damage to the equipment, thus it is important to keep in mind that you must depressurize the system pipe where the filter is located before removing and cleaning a basket strainer.

Once the basket filter element has been removed, rinse the strainer and soak it in a washing solution. If necessary, scrub with a brush to remove the debris; take care not to let it dry on the mesh. You might wish to use multiple screens while cleaning to prevent entire device shutdowns.


Basket strainers are currently utilized to handle some of the most important liquids in a difficult system environment. They are no longer just a simple cast body with a wire mesh filtering element.

Instead, they are technically advanced pieces of equipment. By safeguarding the downstream equipment and reducing the operation and maintenance costs of the machinery, choosing the appropriate Basket strainer for the job saves money.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience and designs and manufactures all kinds of filter products. We only adopt high-quality steel to produce basket strainer and strainer baskets, they have better quality and longer service time. If you want to know more about basket strainers, please feel free to contact us.

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