High flow filter cartridge is the new trend in filtration market. It can fulfill the needs of large demanding industries and help to improve the efficiency and productivity to these industries. For customers, who are not familiar with the high flow filter, this blog can not be missed out.

What is a high flow filter

Brother Filtration is regarded as high flow filtration expert, will introduce everything about a high flow filter and help you figure out whether you need a high flow filter. If you want to have the knowledge about this kind of filter cartridge, please read the following article patiently.

What is the high flow filter cartridge?

High flow filter means the use of a smaller number of filter elements, reducing labor and operating costs. The high flow filter elements produced by Brother Filtration are durable with high efficiency, low-pressure loss, and long service time.

Below are the main series we have to replace the top brands

High flow filter, known as high flow water filter element, high flow filter element, high flow pleated filter element, etc.

It usually adopts PP inner core and outer skeletons, and the filter layer is made of protective mesh, non-woven fabrics, filter membranes, and other materials. The composition can be adapted to various water treatment conditions.

The larger diameter design of the high flow filter cartridge increases the effective filtration surface, which can greatly reduce the number of filter cartridges and reduce the size of the housing.

Designed for a variety of filter housings, these filter housings can hold 1 to 37 filter cartridges, which can be used for different flow requirements. Besides the outstanding advantages and abilities, those high flow filter cartridges have a more competitive price when compared to other brands.

Structure characteristics of high flow filter cartridges

Structure characteristics of high flow filter cartridges
  • Higher operatinge The combination of surface filtration and depth filtration can greatly reduce the number of filter cartridges compared with conventional way
  • Significantly reduce the size of the filter housing, and decrease the frequency of filter cartridge replacements and unnecessary losses during use, and improve efficiency.
  • Longer service life and lower production costs—The pleated design increases the filter surface and makes the pressure drop significantly lower than the traditional filter cartridge;
  • Easy to Install. The convenient handle design significantly shorten the time to replace the filter cartridge, making the replacement of the filter cartridge simple and easy.

For the design of high flow filter housing

An appropriate design for high flow filter housing can effectively reduce the installation footprint. Here, in Brother Filtration, two different types of high flow filter housing are provided for you.

The horizontal high flow FRP housing can simplify the operation, while the vertical high flow FRP filter housing can minimize the footprint of the system.

high flow FRP skid

More than these, the combination of filter housing for high flow filter cartridge is also available for customer, which is the high flow FRP skid. By using this skid, all the benefits of high flow filter can be enlarged.

Thanks to the flow rate up to 500gpm in a single filter cartridge, fewer components are required. When combined in the skid, more advantages can have.

General information of High Flow Filter cartridge as below

General information of High Flow Filter cartridge as below
  • Length: 20inch(50.8cm), 40inch(101.6cm), 60inch(152.4cm) — Can also be customized according to customer’s needs;
  • Outer diameter: 7inch(17.78cm) — customization available;
  • Micron Rating: 1μm/5μm/10μm/15μm/20μm/40μm/70μm/100μm — Can be adjusted at any time according to operating conditions;
  • Filter area: 20inch — 4-5㎡, 40inch — 8-10㎡, 60inch — 12-15㎡;
  • Filter Media: Polypropylene, Glass Fiber;
  • Outer Cage & End Caps: Polypropylene;
  • Flow direction: In and out, Outside In and out—Different directions of flow have different water inlet directions;
  • Initial pressure difference: 0.02MPa;
  • Replace the pressure drop: 0.25MPa;
  • Maximum pressure drop: 0.35MPa;
  • Flow Rate(Imperial): 375GPM 500GPM;
  • Gasket/o-ring material: EPDM , Silicone, Viton, Buna-N;
  • Maximum Operating Temperature(Celsius): 80℃.
  • End cap: high-strength PP polypropylene
  • Filter layer: protective mesh layer, non-woven layer, high-precision filter membrane, and other filter materials are evenly distributed and arranged;
  • Connection: The whole body does not contain any glue. All the spare parts are connected by ultrasonic hot melt technology, which ensures strength and prevents the second pollution.
  • Sealing part: optional nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone, etc. which is based on the operating conditions with superior anti-aging performance;
  • Process: inner core has high mechanical strength, and the outer cage is designed for the protection of pleated media
  • Frame: special customized one-piece high-strength pp frame, equipped with both inside and outside to ensure the compression resistance of the filter cartridge.

For which industry high flow filter suitable?

  • Prefiltration for sea water desalination
  • Power plant condensate
  • Filtration of raw materials, solvents, and water in the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Filtration of bottled water, sugar liquid, edible oil, fruit juice, soft drink, milk
  • Paint, coating, petrochemical industry
  • Microelectronics, film, fiber, resin


To help you choose the high flow filter cartridge from us, below is the picture showing the according filter cartridge to the other brands.


Customization can be offered for different high flow filter cartridge, making them suitable for various operating conditions and meeting the requirements of customers. The following picture shows a customization blue filter cartridge, which fulfills the appearance needs of our customers.



High flow filter cartridges are a new and competitive product in the filtration field, attracting many manufacturers to produce it and occupy the market. Facing so many choices, customers need to figure out what high flow cartridge is and what kinds of high flow filter they actually need.

From all details and relative information mentioned above, it is enough for the customer to choose a qualified manufacturer and qualified high flow filter cartridge for himself.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience, especially in the high flow filtration domain. We design and manufacture different types of high flow filter cartridges to replace the high flow filter from famous brands.

If you have any questions about high flow filter cartridge or you want to know more about filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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