What is pleated filter cartridge?

Are Pleated Filter Cartridge better? first we have a understanding of its meaning.The pleated filter cartridge is commonly known as pleated water filter cartridge, at low differential pressure it has capacity to deliver high dirt capacity. In market you could find variety of pleated filter cartridge from 2.5inch diameters to 6inch diameters, and the length is commonly 10inch,20inch,30inch,and 40inch until to 80inch.

Types of pleated filter cartridge.Are pleated filter cartridge better

According to different materials, below is some common pleated cartridge types:

1.Polypropylene filter cartridge

2.Hydrophobic PTFE filter cartridge

3.Hydrophilic PTFE filter cartridge

4.PES filter cartridge

5.Nylon membrane pleated cartridge filter

6.Glass Fiber membrane pleated cartridge filter

How does a pleated filter cartridge work?

As pleated technology, pleated filter cartridge has a large diameter, and its flow rate is 20 times of the conventional filter element. According to the requirements of actual working conditions, there are two forms of liquid flow: one is from the inside to the outside of the liquid flow, all contaminant and impurity particles are intercepted inside the filter element, reducing the precipitation of pollutants in the filter. The other one is from the outside to the inside of the liquid flow, all the contaminant impurity particles are intercepted in the outside of the filter element, can be discharged through the filter blow down valve.

What is advantages of pleated filter cartridge?

1.The filter membrane adopts folding deep structure, the membrane filtration area is large. It adopts high porosity deep layer long fiber hierarchy filtration structure, with good compression resistance;

2.Scientific design of multi-layer gradient aperture filter structure, so that the filter cartridge has the characteristics of high pollution, thus prolongs the service life of the filter element, and saves the user’s cost

3.High filtration accuracy, which can effectively filter the microorganism, suspended matter, particles, rust and other impurities in the liquid, the efficiency of the impurities is more than 98%;

4.The filter cartridge bears high filtration pressure;

5.Reasonable structure makes the filter cartridge have a higher pollutant absorption capacity.

Where are pleated filter cartridge used?

1.Reverse osmosis water system, deionized water system pre filtration .

2.Filter beverage, wine, mineral water, pure water, edible oil, etc

3.Chemical solvents, fine chemicals, ink and other filtration.

4.Filtration of liquid medicine, medicament and medicament with water.

5.Other: biological products, plasma, oilfield re injection water, gas filtration and so on.

How to choose the best pleated filter cartridge?

pleated filter cartridgeThe main five indicators to consider in choosing qualified high-quality pleated filter cartridge:

1.The pressure value of the first bubble point;

2.Differential pressure flow characteristics;

3.Precision is the most important standard of a pleated filter cartridge, which determines where it uses.

4.The pollutant capacity

5.The strength of skeleton of pleated filter cartridge

To get better filtration efficiency, do choose pleated filter cartridge. To choose better pleated filter cartridge, do select a reliable and professional manufacture.

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