There are plenty of filter cartridges on the market, and one type of them is a pleated filter cartridge. Many of you may be interested in whether pleated filter cartridges are superior to conventional filter cartridges or which applications pleated filter cartridges are best suited for.

pleated filter cartridges

And this blog will help you to figure out all these questions by introducing all knowledge about pleated filter cartridges, and help you choose the right filter cartridges based on your real needs.

What is a pleated filter cartridge?

The pleated filter cartridge is a means of filtration that effectively prevents sedimentation in water. The design of pleated depth cartridges creates more surface area, which increases loading capacity and permits higher flow rates with low differential pressure.

The pleated cartridges are widely utilized as a prefilter to pleated membranes or as a polishing element to depth type media in a typical process flow.

depth pleated

You can find a variety of pleated filter cartridge from 2.5inch diameters to 6inch diameters, and the length is commonly 10inch, 20inch, 30inch, and 40inch until 80inch.

Different types of the pleated filter cartridge

different types of pleated filters

According to different materials and different usages, there are several types of pleated filter cartridges manufactured by Brother Filtration.

Polyester Pleated Filter Cartridge

ProClean Polyester pleated filters is made of completely synthetic material, which is washable and has a long lifespan. The pleated form is ideal for sand, silt, sediment, and dirt filtering.

polyester pleated

ELC™ Pleated Filter Cartridge

ELC™ Pleated Cartridge Filter is available in a range of integral lengths from 10 to 40 inches, with a wide selection of end cap types to fit general filter housing. It designs with 100% polypropylene materials for construction for chemical and thermal compatibility.

Oltek™ Pleated Filter Cartridge

Oltek™ Pleated Cartridge Filter effectively resolves the contaminants presenting in well injection fluids that can lead to formation blockage ultimately decreasing productivity. The cartridge is specifically manufactured for the filtration of oilfield fluids and its fully thermal welded construction ensures safe operation and optimum filtration performance.

oltek filter cartridge

Poly-Guard Pleated Filter Cartridge

Poly-Guard pleated cartridge filter is the most extensively used backwash pleated filter in power plant condensation water polishing. Specially designed for water condensate filtration in power plants without resin precoat.

poly-guard filter

Glass Fiber Pleated Filter Cartridge

ProClean glass fiber pleated filter uses advanced borosilicate micro glass fiber media, which is also called GF pleated filter element, glass fiber pleated water filter, and micro glass fiber water filter in the market.

BROMEN™ PP Pleated Filter Cartridge

BROMEN™ Pleated Cartridge Filter is a 100% Polypropylene constructed filter with broad Absolute micron ratings. Its uniform pleated structure delivers maximum filtration surface, and extend service life.

PDM™ PP Pleated Filter Cartridge

PDM™ pleated cartridge filter is made of advanced technology sub-micron polypropylene fiber membrane, which is with uniform pore distribution and scientific structure design.

How does a pleated filter cartridge work?

how filter cartridge work

Due to their high efficiency and high flow rates, pleated filters are very effective at delivering surface filtration. Media with depth characteristics that enhance particle retention can be securely packed into the cartridge for a maximized surface area by adopting a pleated design.

As the particle forms a “cake” across the surface of the filter, as much material as possible is retained.

At this point, the particulate is sieved and caught by the media, which can have micron ratings as low as 0.22 and as high as 100 by Brother Filtration. Frequently, a support layer and a final filtration layer are combined to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the filtration process.

What is advantages of pleated filter cartridge?

For many special industries, such as oil and power plants, we have also designed and manufactured many depth pleated filter cartridges suitable for them. Since they are pleated cartridges, they have a larger filtration area, and we also use high-quality materials to make them handle various conditions with ease.

  • High-efficiency removal at low micron ratings
  • Higher loading capacity and higher flow rates
  • Nominal and absolute filtration availability
  • High dirt-holding capacity
  • Free of additives
  • No media migration

Which industries are pleated filter cartridge mainly used for?


Depth pleated filter cartridges can be widely used in various industries such as:

  • Prefiltration for SWRO
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power generation condensate system
  • Petrochemicals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Municipal water

How to select the most suitable pleated filter cartridge?

There are five factors that impact on the selection of pleated filter cartridge. It is important to read the following information.

The first thing you need to consider is precision, which determines what kinds of particles can be removed. Then, you think about the differential pressure and flow rate you need.

And don’t forget to take dirt-holding capacity into account. When you have consider all the things mentioned above, you will know which pleated filter cartridge is best for your application.

choose pleated filter cartridge

It’s necessary to keep in mind that there isn’t always a straightforward solution to the question of what kind of filter cartridge is ideal for removing contaminants. It is crucial to keep your current project in mind when selecting the right filter because the appropriate filter will vary depending on the specifications.


Pleated filter cartridges have their own advantages and benefits, when applied to suitable industries, they can perform great filtration effects. Owing to the pleated structure, pleated filter cartridges have a larger filtration surface, improving filtration efficiency.

Brother Filtration is a professional filter products manufacturer in China, that specializes in the design, engineering, and production of filters and filter vessels as well as provides liquid filtration solutions.

We manufacture not only high-quality pleated filter cartridges, we also produce filter housings that match the filter cartridges perfectly. If you have any problems about filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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