Since stainless steel (SUS) has better temperature resistance and pressure resistance, SUS filter housings are more practical for harsh production and have always been preferred by industrial applications. However, if you want to buy a satisfying and approving stainless-steel filter housing, you need pay attention to the choice of manufacturers.

Although there are many SUS filter housing manufacturers in China, not all products are qualified and good enough. A careful selection is required from many aspects. The following points could help you make a decision and provide a reference for you when choosing a stainless-steel filter manufacturer.



Technology is an important criterion for measuring SUS filter housing manufacturers, and it is also the main factor in determining filter products.

China’s filtration equipment started relatively late, but after several years of development, representative stainless steel filter housing manufacturers have stepped forward internationally, while products selling in various countries around the world.

Judging whether a manufacturer is good enough is not only based on how many products it sells and how many countries its products are sold to, but also on customer feedback. Besides, the most important factor impact on manufacturer’s technology is R&D.

You could observe whether this manufacturer puts a lot on R&D, whether it has an R&D team, and how many exclusive filter housing it can provide. When a manufacturer attaches great importance to R&D, it has generally advanced technology to produce competitive and powerful filter housing.

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

The number of SUS filter housings purchased by the industry is generally relatively large and costs a lot. Attention must be paid to the reputation of manufacturers.

For example, if the manufacturer refuses to be responsible for the after-sales problem, then the buyer needs to handle all the maintenance problems by himself, which will increase the cost and increase the economic burden.

In order to avoid happening of such things, it is recommended that choosing a stainless-steel filter housing manufacturer with a good reputation. Reputation can show the real strength of a manufacturer and need to be carefully and discreetly inspected.



Quality is the key to the selection of manufacturers. The harsh and tough production environment of the industry requires high-quality products. Only qualified and approved stainless steel filter housing is deserve to choose and trust. But how could we distinguish from so many manufacturers?

First of all, check the pressure that can be tolerated. The higher pressure a stainless steel housing can withstand, the thicker wall and higher quality of opening joint it will have.

Secondly, reading the specifications and inspecting the appearance of stainless steel housing. This helps to know the raw materials. Even if it is the same SUS 304 material, the quality of the raw material will be different.

However, the quality of raw materials can be easily found out according to the appearance of the filter housing. High-quality SUS filter housings will be superb craftsmanship visible to the naked eye.

Thirdly, you can ask for the certifications of SUS filter housing from manufacturers. It can be a quick and easy way to identify the quality of filter housing. Whether the housing has a certification and what kinds of certifications it has can both approve the quality of the filter housing and the level of the manufacturer.

Finally, when it is applied to the real operating condition, the different design will directly determine the ease of use. Only equipped with appropriate design, SUS filter housing can save time and improve efficiency.

Factory and worker

Factory and worker

A qualified manufacturer usually has its own factory. The factory facility ensures the output and quality of all products. And manufacturer itself can directly control and supervise every detail and every process of production. From raw material to package, manufacturers can conduct all needs of consumers.

stainless steel housing manufacturer

Not only the facility but also the workers in the factory are also important. Experienced and licensed workers can guarantee a high standard of production. Both soft power and hard power need to be noticed by manufacturers.


Competitiveness in the filtration market has become more and more fierce, and different kinds of stainless steel filter housings are provided and produced by manufacturers. China, as a rising star, a lot of emergence of filter products manufacturers.

It is confusing for consumers to choose a qualified and excellent stainless steel filter manufacturer. Only by taking all these influence factors into account, can consumers clearly know which manufacturer to choose.

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