Bag filters are becoming more and more popular in the filtration market. Facing so many different bag filters, it is difficult and confusing for customers to choose a good manufacturer.

By considering aspects of filtration accuracy, processing capacity, filter media, and filtration technology, customers can find a reliable and suitable manufacturer.


This blog is helping you to analyse all factors of selecting a bag filter manufacturer, we believe you are able to distinguish whether a manufacturer is good enough, after reading this article.

Realize what you need for a bag filter

Before choosing a bag filter manufacture, you should know all information about the bag filter you need.

The temperature, viscosity, impurity content, impurity size, processing capacity, and other parameters of the bag filters are all important factors.

Proclean Absolute Filter Bag

It is essential to provide these data to the manufacturer, and the technical team of manufacturer would help you analyse information, and choose a suitable bag filter for you.

Generally, only strong manufacturers equipped with technical teams. Only a professional staff can accurately analyze this data and provide the best options.

Brother Filtration has an R&D department and technical teams to support the solutions of various filtration challenges. You could rely on us and find the best bag filters without any worry.

Materials of bag filters

It is a key of bag filter, material determines the majority of functions. For customers, it is vital to skim over what kinds of bag filters manufacturer can provide.

Are their bag filters able to cover various use of different industries? Are they using high-quality raw materials for bag filters? Before choosing the manufacturer, you need to figure out these problems.

NOMEX Filter Bag

For example, if your application requires resistance to high temperature and high pressure, then a normal bag filter maybe not be powerful enough. In this situation, a filter bag made of NOMEX can handle this condition.

Also, the quality of raw materials is important and related to the performance of bag filters. To identify whether the manufacturer uses good raw materials for their products is crucial.

The lifespan of bag filters

Usually, bag filters are washable and reusable, but there is still a limited lifetime of bag filters. If you want your filter bags to have a longer service time, a Extended Long Life filter bag, which has 5 times lifespan and 4 times dirt-holding capacity, maybe a better choice for you.

Extended Long Life Filter Bag

So you need to find out whether the manufacturer has the ability to produce such type of bag filter.

Proper design and advanced filtration technology

Good manufacturers should have great acknowledge about whole filtration process, which means manufacturer not only takes filtration efficiency and performance of bag filter into account but also considers the sealing performance and design of the needle.

Proclean Nylon Filter Bag

With a proper and unique design of needle and pore space, bag filters can offer a better filtration performance with stronger filtration ability.

Cost of bag filters

The cost of bag filters can not be ignored, which could be one of the most important parts of the selection.

A bag filter with a more competitive price would be preferred by more customers. But the key is that, manufacturer should keep the high-quality of the bag filters when a more affordable price is provided.

Facility and service of manufacturers

These are something not about bag filters, but connected directly to the strengthen of manufacturers.

A manufacturer, who has own factories, can control the whole process of production, ensuring the quality and output of bag filters.

The manufacturing facility is an important factor to assess the manufacturer.

Facility and service of manufacturers

Besides the facility, the pre-sale and after-sale services are also essential. Considering the long journey of transportation, damages might be caused by logistics.

When it comes to this problem, good service for the whole purchasing is vital. Manufacturers must offer a good package for bag filters and be responsible for the arising problems.


As a convenient and efficient filter elements, filter bags are widely used in various applications and industries.

Due to the outstanding and excellent benefits of bag filters, customers prefer to choose them. Accordingly, there are more and more manufacturers to produce bag filters to fulfill the rising demands. Customers become confused, when choose a good manufacturer for bag filters.

So, it is important to consider all references mentioned above, which help customers make a right decision.

Brother Filtration, as a filtration expert, has been deeply involved in this area and manufactures all kinds of filter products.

We are not able to provide high-quality bag filters, but also bag filter housings. If you are interested in bag filters or have any questions about filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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