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Bag filters are mainly considered from the aspects of filter media impurities, filtration accuracy, processing capacity, etc. Brother filtration focusing on filtration technology and providing filtration technology solutions for free.

You only need to provide the temperature, viscosity, impurity content, impurity size, processing capacity and other parameters of the products you need, and the technical department will design and select the accuracy of the filtration scheme. Ensure that the selection is based on the customer’s low cost and high profit.

For many years, we have insisted on field visits to many customers’ factories and enterprises, in-depth understanding of the use of the filtration process, and accumulated rich experience in the exchange of filtration technology with customers for many years. In this regard, the self-developed filtration technology system is more mature and stable and has a new definition of filtration technology solutions for all walks of life.

What role does the filter bag play in the filter? As one of the other important parts of the filter, no matter it is any product, its quality determines the user’s filtering effect to a large extent.

For the selection of filter bags, in real life, the filter bags of filter bags have various materials and complete specifications. So when choosing a filter bag, also choose according to your own needs.

Filter bags are generally divided into many types according to their own performance, and each has its own characteristics. Taking liquid filter bags as an example, they mainly have the following four characteristics:

1. The improved seam of the liquid filter bag has no high protrusions, so there will be no side leakage caused by the absence of needle holes.

2. Liquid filter bag materials are divided into polyester and polypropylene nylon filter bag types, with a wide range of filtration accuracy and high precision.

3. All the labels on the liquid filter bag with product specifications and models are selected in a way that is easy to remove. The purpose is to prevent the label and ink from contaminating the filtrate when the filter bag is in use.

4. The liquid filter bag will not cause the problem of silicone oil pollution, because the design is produced by a high-speed industrial sewing machine without silicone oil cooling.


Brother filtration bag filter – Various to meet different needs filter bag material and manufacturing process

From the unique component design (multi-layer structure, folding expansion, developed surface, fully welded seam) to advanced sealing technology, Brother filtration can provide excellent performance for simple and complex applications product.

Whether sewing or welding, Brother’s filter bags are all used processed with the most advanced technology and equipment. The highly automated welding system provides us with quality

Filter bags with consistent quantity and reliable performance.

A variety of designs and optional accessories can be used for various fine filtration and coarse filtration applications provide numerous solutions. Brother filtration provides customers with reusable, durable and extremely cost-effective technology.

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