Filtration has been widely applied to residential, commercial and industrial uses, and become more and more common in our daily life. People may have question about when should I change my filter cartridge or how often should I change my filter cartridge.

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To figure out this question, we will introduce some relative factors about this question in this article.

How does water filtration work?

Our daily life is inseparable from water, but with the development of modern industry, water quality has become worse and worse. In order to pursue a more healthy lifestyle, more water purification technology has come into people’s lives. Normally, there are two ways to do water filtration, which are physical filtration and chemical filtration.

In physical filtration, water passes through a gauze-like membrane to remove large particles. And people usually care about when to change the filter cartridge. Brother Filtration, as a filtration expert, has years of filtration experience would give you a brief answer to this question.

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How long does the filter cartridge last?

How long do filter cartridge last

With wide use of filtration, we need to take care the filter cartridge inside the filtration system should be changed regularly. Most filter cartridge inside filtration systems on the market has a fixed lifespan.

There is an common data for your reference. The PP cotton filter cartridge can last for 3 months, the activated carbon filter cartridge has a lifespan of 6 months, and the post-activated carbon filter cartridge lasts 12 months.

The ultra filtration membrane and RO membrane are relatively long and can last 3 years. For more accurate information, you need to check the data specification of filter cartridges.

Two signs you need to change your filter cartridge

If the filter cartridge is not replaced in time, a clogging problem may be caused. Not only the clogging problem but also the reduction of pure water and filtration effect.

Also, if the filter cartridge was not replaced for a long time, it would be in an overload operating condition, which brings a bad influence on the whole filtration system and shorten the service life of the filtration system.

At that point, the maintenance costs will surprisingly be increased. And other filter cartridges in the filtration system would have a shorter service time. The operating condition of filtration system will become sluggish, and the performance of follow-up equipment will be also affected.

Two signs you need to change your filter cartridge

But, how do we clearly know, when to change the filter cartridge? There are 2 signs that show the conditions of the filter cartridge.

  • Check the SDI data of filtered water’s quality before RO membrane. SDI means Silt Density Index. The fouling potential of suspended particles is measured by the SDI. Given that the size and shape of the given matter vary, it cannot measure its quantity.
  • Check the pressure drop of the cartridge housing, making sure that the cartridge filter keeps at a good Pressure drop, as used in filtration, is the drop in water pressure brought on by a filter. Filtration involves a trade-off: less effective filters typically have a smaller pressure drop, whereas more effective filters typically have a larger pressure drop.

How to change your filter cartridge

First of all, don’t forget to turn off the power, assure that the filter is clean and nothing is left inside. Then, you need to change all filter cartridges inside the filter system. Otherwise, the condition of the filter would be as same as before.

Finally, you need to restore everything back together and check the space between every component. You should read the directions offered by manufacturers carefully, and understand every step for changing the filter.


Choosing the best filter cartridge

There are different types of filter cartridges, and they vary in size, material, and micron ratings. It is necessary to select the filter cartridge that meets the requirements of your application.

When a suitable filter cartridge is applied, it can be used to its maximum effect. Because different industries have different characteristics, which have various demands for filter cartridges.

Choosing the best filter cartridge


The right use for a filter cartridge is important. And knowing the time point of replacement is the key to the usage of a filter system. This article helps you to realize the exact point for changing the filter cartridge timely. With the help of us, you can utilize your filter cartridge to its maximum effect.

Brother Filtration, as a filtration expert, has years of filtration experiences, and designs and manufactures all kinds of filter cartridges and other filter products, which fulfill different needs of various industries.

If you have any problems with when and how to change your filter cartridge, or you have any questions about filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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