The infiltration system, filter element, and filter housing are two key points for filtration performance. It is important to choose the most suitable and best filters for your practical condition. Here comes the question, how do you select filter elements and filter housings?

10 tips to choose the best filters

This article aims to help you select filters and introduces every detail about filters. Also, we will give 10 tips for choosing the best filters.

Types of filters

As a necessary part of a filtration system, filters can be divided into different types according to different properties.

different types

Based on the raw materials, there are plastic filter, stainless steel filter, and FRP filters. When classified by the function, filters can be divided into core type, bag type, and FRP High Flow type.

Max-A high flow cartridge filter with a competitive price is a popular filter element for high flow filter housing. For stainless steel filters, Brother Filtration can provide perfect replacement products for brands such as Pall, 3M and Parker, etc.

There are also different classifications in the structure, like hoops, rings, rocker arms, etc.

10 tips to choose the best filters

There are some skills and knowledge that can help you make decision for the best filter. Please read the following tips carefully.

10 tips to choose the best filters

1) At the beginning, we need to choose the material of filters and function of filters according to users’ water source, application, pressure, temperature, treatment capacity, etc

2) We also need to determine the installation information:

  • whether the connection of the cylinder is clamps or rings;
  • whether the connection of the medium inlet and outlet is threaded, flange, or DN;
  • whether the way of inlet and outlet is side-in to side-out or bottom-in to side-out, etc.

3) The common material of stainless steel is SUS304,316L and carbon steel; For surface treatment, there are three types: mirror polishing, grinding, and electrolytic polishing.

choose filter

4) To choose the best filters, we need to know the shapes, parameters, functions, and effects of various filters. As well as the differences and advantages of these filters, then we can make better decisions after comparison.

5) The lifespan of the filter housing and the guaranteed service is also important. As most filters cost a lot when they last long and have good maintenance service, the high cost would be deserved and the whole spend of the project would be decreased.


6) Do consider the shipment if you want to do international purchasing. Sometimes it happens that the freight cost is higher than the price of

7) What we usually used is a core type blue bottle with a 10/20 inch filter element. Another one is sanitary filters, the parameters we need to pay attention to are the common length, filter element connection, and temperature and pressure design of it.

8) For Pall max flow filter, there are two types to select: horizontal and vertical. We will provide different recommendations depending on customers’ requirements. As the Pall max flow filter has a baffle, which makes the whole filter process more efficient.


9) For sea water desalinationplant, FRP filters are the new trend and better Those are its advantages: small footprint, full use of space, low operating cost, and convenient replacement of filter element. The filter cartridge inside also can be designed on request, options like high strength and corrosion resistance can be offered.

10) Certification of filters for your reference

  • GB: Criterion of Flange industry in China
  • ANSI: Criterion of Flange industry in the USA
  • DIN: Criterion of Flange industry in Germany
  • JIS: Criterion of Flange industry in Japan
  • NSF: To prove your product meets strict standards of public health protections
  • ASME: The standard of pressure containers from the American professional association


Many factors can influence the filtration performance of a filter. It is essential to consider all factors when choosing the best and most suitable filter for your industry or application. To solve this puzzle, you can read all the helpful and useful tips mentioned above. We believe that it would be much easier the next time you purchase a filter.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience and designs and manufactures all kinds of filter products, which include filter cartridges, filter bags, and filter housings.

We also offer filtration solutions for various industries and applications. If you need more advice for choosing filters, or if you have any problems with filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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