High-flow filters occupy more and more market shares in the large flow filtration fields. Facing so many different types of high-flow filters, customers also become troubled when choosing a suitable high-flow filter. Brother Filtration, regarded as a high-flow filtration expert, will teach you how to select high-flow filters in this article.

how to choose high flow filters

Also, this article will introduce some relative knowledge about high-flow filters. If you are interested in high-flow filter cartridges, you can not miss out on this blog.

Why do we need to know how to choose high-flow filters?

For many customers, who only choose high-flow filters from famous brands in the market, they might already find out that their annual spends on filtration are high. However, is the cost of filtration proportional to the effectiveness of filtration? Most answers from our clients are NO!

Why do we need to know how to choose high flow filters

That is why we need selection. A good high-flow filter is not completely defined by its manufacturer, but also connected to the actual operating conditions. Only suitable filter cartridges are applied, and the filtration performance can be perfect.

Different operating conditions have their own troubles and challenges. Some of them may be the viscosity and corrosivity of liquids, and some of them can be the high temperature and high pressure. That would be in need of different high-flow filter cartridges.

How to choose high-flow filters?

Choose the basic function of filters

First of all, we should choose the basic function of filters. But how do choose high flow filters with their accurate basic functions? We need to look at the filtering accuracy and filtering effect of the filter, then combined it with our own needs, to select the filter with proper accuracy and efficiency, so that the filter can do its job well.

Choose the basic function of filters

In addition, we also need to pay attention to the specification of the filter. After all, the condition of some filtration operations is relatively harsh. If the filter does not have enough resistance, it will shorten its service life and the filtration effect of the filter will also be affected. It is suggested that we consider the requirements of the operating condition comprehensively, and then choose the filter with the corresponding specification, such as purchasing a high-temperature filter or buying an anti-corrosion filter, etc.

Quality of the filter

In the purchase of filters, we also worry about the quality of filters. So how to choose high-flow filters with high quality? Technicians in Brother Filtration believe that one side is to pay attention to the stability of the filter, and the other side is to take notice of its service life.

quality approved

We should try to choose the filter with higher stability to reduce risk. Secondly, we should attach importance to the service life of the filter. If the service life is longer, we will certainly reduce the cost of the whole filter project.

Recommended filter for your reference

Maybe you are familiar with brands like 3M, Pall, Amazon, Parker, etc., but you must know it would cost a lot for your filtration system. If you want to find high-flow filter cartridges that have the same filtration ability as them at a more competitive price, then please come to Brother Filtration.

Why need the prefiltration for high pressure pump

Below are some popular high-flow filters for your reference, please click the link to get more details.


There are many factors that affect the filtration performance of high-flow filter cartridges. When choosing a suitable high-flow filter, you need to consider the operating condition first and check the specification of the filter. Then, evaluate the qualification of the filter manufacturer and the quality of the filter.

Brother Filtration, regarded as a high-flow filtration expert, has years of experience in the filtration field. We design and manufacture all kinds of filter products, especially the high flow filter cartridges, we also provide our clients with better filtration solutions. If you have any problems with choosing a high-flow filter or any questions about filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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