A perfect replacement to Watts Big Bubba

What is a high flow filter?

Higher rate than conventional flow filtering systems, when high flow filter cartridges process liquids. Utilizing a high-flow liquid filtration system has a number of advantages over conventional systems, including an increase in the capacity for processing liquids and storing dirt, a reduction in space requirements, and a reduction in waste production.

What is a Max-B high flow filter cartridge?

Brother Filtration Max-B high flow filter cartridge is a versatile-economical and washable cartridge filter. It is 100% equivalent to Watts big bubba filter cartridge and can be installed in big bubba plastic filter housing.

We manufacture a Max-B filter cartridge with South Korea imported PP material and a large OD design, which can reduce filter changing time. The imported PP membrane is back-washable and helps to extend service time and reduce chemical usage.

With the advantages mentioned above, the Max-B filter cartridge can be a whole house sediment water treatment, and it can be also applied for industrial water treatment such as seawater treatment and prefiltration for RO systems.

The Max-B filter cartridge is also capable of commercial filtration, industrial filtration, community water systems, and water for stock and poultry. Due to its high dirt-holding capacity, high flow rate, and high filtration efficiency. Additionally, all these benefits contribute to lower costs for filter changing.

Brother Filtration designs and manufactures Max-B with 5 straps for reinforcement and internal fixing, which helps it be more durable and practical. And the pleated structure increases the Max-B filtration surface area, to some extent it improves filtration efficiency.

Also, The pleats, made of either synthetic fiber or a polypropylene microfiber, efficiently remove particles from liquids at much higher rates, allowing for more effective filtration in less time.


The excellent washable and durable Max-B high flow filter cartridge is a product with Brother Filtration’s efforts. We try our best to improve the product, make it a high-quality and practical high flow filter.

  • Multiple pleated layer construction
  • Filtration directionout-in
  • High filtration area up to 150GPM*(36m³/hr)
  • More surface area for a greater throughput
  • 5 straps for reinforcement and internal fixing
  • Replacement for multiple cartridge filters for greater convenience
  • Perfect substitution of Watts Big Bubba

Brother Filtration always dedicate to produce high-quality products with high-standard material, within imported PP membrane, make our Max-B high flow filter cartridge more competitive.

  • High flow rate up to 36m3/hr (150GPM)
  • High dirt-holding capacity
  • ONE Max-B is equivalent to:18 pcs Melt Blown 40inch φ2.5”, 12 pcs Pleated 40inch φ2.5´´, 6 pcs Bag Filter Size#2
  • Large filtration surface area
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Washable PP membrane


Filter Media & Straps Polypropylene
Inner core& End Cap Polypropylene
O-ring EPDM/Buna N/Silicon/Viton



Length 26.25inch
OD 6.3inch


Operation condition

Max. Temperature ~80 ℃
Recommended DP for change out 2.1-2.4bar


The flow rate of Max-A high flow filter cartridge

/ Max Flow Rate
60 inch 36m³/hr
40 inch 24m³/hr
20 inch 12m³/hr

Order Information

BHFB -P -26 -0500 -E -S
Model Media material Length Micron rating Oring Outer cage
MAX-B high flow filter cartridge P=polypropylene 26inch=26.25inch 0500=5um
V= Viton
B=Buna N

1 inch =25.4 mm

Notice: Due to the filter having variety in design, please contact BROTHER sales for more information

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