Max-B High Flow Filter Cartridge


One big-tough-simple-versatile-economical cartridge filter — MAX-B high flow cartridge filter

100% equivalence to Watt big bubba filter cartridge, which can surely be installed in big bubba

Plastic filter housing, with large OD design reducing filter changement times, south Korea imported PP membrane is back-washable to extend life time whilst reducing chemical usage. Can be your whole house sediment water treatment meanwhile can be your sea water RO membrane prefiltration.

Features of Max-B High Flow Filter Cartridge

    • 3” large diameter providing high flow capacity 150gpm/min(40m³/h)
    • Double goring for better sealing integrit
    • Simple installation, no tools needed with ergonomic handle, just 3 steps can be completed: install in- Rotate cartridge 1/4 turn-pull-up
    • Economical choice

Applications of Max-B High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Domestic& commercial water sediment treatment
  2. Whole house sediment filtration
  3. Seawater reverse osmosis prefiltration

More Description

MAX-B  high flow filter cartridge specifications Order information

BHFB=MAX-B high flow filter cartridge

Media Material  Polypropylene
Length 26 inch=26.25 inch
Micron Rating 0500=5um


Oring  E=EPDM

S= Silicon

V= Viton

B-Buna N

Outer Cage  Strap
BHFB -P -26 -0500 -E -S
Model Media material Length Micron rating Oring Outer cage

MAX-B high flow filter cartridge











S= Silicon

V= Viton

B=Buna N





1 inch =25.4 mm
Notice: Due to the filter has variety in design, please contact with BROTHER sales for more information