Bag filter housing is also called a fine filter with cylindrical shell. Generally speaking, bag filter housing will effectively be made of stainless steel materials and inside choose PP, PE filter bags, and other filter elements.

CST Classic Single bag housing

CST Classic Single bag housing

Bag filter housing can effectively select different filter bags according to different filter media and planning processes so that it can meet the requirements of the effluent water quality. And the body of the equipment can also be selected for quick loading, It will be very convenient and fast and we call Speed Multi Bag Filter Housing in Brother Filtration.

classic speed multi bag housing

Speed Multi Bag Filter housing

The operating principle of the bag filter housing is pressure filtration and is a new type of filtration system. Bag filter is supported by a metal mesh basket in the housing. The liquid flows in from the inlet and flows out from the outlet after filtered by the bag. Impurities are intercepted in the filter bag and housing can be used after changing the filter bag.

Bag filter housing also has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance and high dirty capacity when used. The entire equipment has good temperature resistance and convenient operation, and also has a long service life and large flow. Meanwhile without fiber shedding. So it is very popular with customers.

The bag filter housing has good sealing and reasonable structure so that the device has a strong circulation and is easy to operate during operation. The probability of side leakage of the filter bag of the entire device is small so that the filtering accuracy can be correctly guaranteed. Quickly replace the filter bag inside.

Filter Bags

In the process of using, bag filter housing adapts side-in and side-out method. The side-in and bottom-out methods are also used. The equipment can effectively press or draw liquid medium into the barrel of other equipment filters though the pressure in the pipeline.

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