Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge


Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge are made by cotton yarn wound around a porous inner core precisely to accomplish depth filtration. The different filtration ratings are realized by smart control during the production to form various filtration layer intensities and filtration pore shapes. Outside filtration layers of the cotton wound filter cartridge are of loose density and coarse pore size. The specifications of the inside filtration layers are of the contrary parameters.

Brother Filtration only use high quality brand new cotton yarn to produce the cotton string wound water filter. Recycled or second-hand cotton materials are strictly forbidden and prevented by our Quality Control Team.

As for the inner core of the cotton wound cartridge filter, we follow customers’ requirements thoroughly. Most customers choose SUS304 and SUS316L to apply in (petro)chemical, desalination and process water treatment industries.

Brother Filtration string wound filter cartridges have more filter media and inner core types to offer you wide chemical compatibility.


Features & Advantages of Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge

  1. Graded honeycomb pore structure provides true depth filtration.
  2. Large flow rate and high dirt holding capacity.
  3. Optional spiral stainless steel inner core offers high pressure resistance for high differential pressure filtration.
  4. More filter media and inner core materials are available for wide chemical compatibility.
  5. Different length and outside diameter are available for different filtration area requests.


Applications of Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge

  1. Beverage
  2. Aromatic solvent
  3. Water treatment
  4. Photographic film
  5. Lubricant
  6. Edible oil
  7. Pharmaceuticals
  8. Condensate preparation
  9. Acids and bases
  10. Process Water
  11. Waste Water

More Description

cotton string wound filter datasheet


The measured cartridge length is 250mm, pressure difference is 0.02MPa, tested medium is clean water and temperature is room temperature.

Please use these parameters to deduce flow rate of other cartridges.