With the increasing demands from various industries and applications, large water capacity needs high flow filtration to improve efficiency. High flow filter cartridges can be regarded as a new trend and a new solution for the high flow requirement.

Quality identification of high flow filter cartridges

More and more manufacturers join the competition in the market for high-flow filter cartridges. Various high-flow filter cartridges are made by different manufacturers from different countries, which is a sweet burden for customers.

Customers have a wide range of selections, but at the same time, they have difficulty to identify the quality of the high-flow filter cartridges.

Brother Filtration, one of the high-flow filter cartridges manufacturers, knows about this problem for customers and writes this blog help customers to distinguish good quality filters from all these products.

First: what is the main material of a high-flow cartridge filter?

  • Plastic material: inner core/outer cage/oring/end caps
  • Membrane material: Main membrane/membrane support layer
what is the main material of a high flow cartridge filter

Those two materials can significantly affect the quality of high-flow filter cartridges. Some manufacturers adopt bad and cheap plastics, which are often recycled plastic and not 100% pure polypropylene. This type of plastic not only harms the environment but also human health.

Brother Filtration only utilizes pure polypropylene, which conforms to the FDA and CE standards. That means, the polypropylene we use, can directly contact with food, which is safe enough for the food & beverage industry.

food and beverage industry

As for the membrane material, Brother Filtration adopts nanoscale grade membrane material to create a larger filtration surface and higher dirt holding capacity. By using this technology, the initial pressure drop can be lower with a high flow rate.

Second: why high-flow cartridge filter is more and more popular now?

There are mainly three reasons for the popularity of high-flow filter cartridges.

  1. Large flow rate per pcs
  2. Less installation footprint in need
  3. Lower total cost including housing and filter element for full-time operation and maintenance.
why high-flow cartridge filter is more and more popular now

Third: A real case from our client

Here we want to share a failure experience from our client, which causes millions of dollars of loss and teaches him a lesson.

A real case from our client

Above is the picture our client sent to us, which happened in 2021. They had adopted high-flow filter cartridges from another company.

However, as shown in the picture, the cartridge was totally broken down. The bad quality of the filter cartridges resulted heavy damage to the client’s whole equipment and led to property loss to the company.

This client heard about us from our other client. They recommended us to this unfortunate company. And this new client sent us all information and requested us to deliver 500 pcs filter cartridges in 10 days, which should absolutely meet the high quality.

Our client needed those filter cartridges urgently because Brother Filtration high flow filter cartridges required to keep the running of the plant. Otherwise, the plant would be shut down due to a lack of filter elements.

After great effort and corporation with our local partner, Brother Filtration successfully made it. We delivered goods in time, the plant was not affected to operate routinely. Until now, everything is fine with the plant in 2022.

From the case mentioned above, we could say that bad quality brings not only property loss but only a series waste of time and investment.

The poor quality products bring:

poor quality
  • Not qualified filtration efficiency causes incredible love
  • Physical damage to product conducts to big problems of safety issues
  • Particles bypass the downstream resulting in pollution for liquid of full

The High-quality product brings:

high quality
  • Safe production and process
  • Qualified filtration liquid based on industry-standard
  • The longer service life of RO membrane
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs for the whole project


According to years of project experience for end-user, Brother Filtration summarized the problems and challenges of our clients. So that we could develop the filter products which have great performance and longer service time, meanwhile, a competitive price.

Currently, we adopt an 8-layer membrane structure to create a graded pore size rating and larger dirt-holding capacity. The inside space has the ability to trap more contaminants. Brother Filtration has a variety of high-flow filter cartridges to replace more than 50 brands high-flow filter cartridges on the market.

production of high flow filter

High flow filtration is our domain, and high flow filter cartridge is the flagship product from Brother Filtration. The high flow filter cartridges we sold, have served more than 200 million m³ of water per day all over the world.

Below are the main series we have to replace the top brands:

Below are the main series we have to replace the top brands


The high flow filter cartridge is overwhelming in the market, which is the new trend in the filtration field. But the quality of high-flow filter cartridges is different from various manufacturers.

Customers should pay attention to the selection of filter cartridges. This blog aims to help customers distinguish the qualified high-flow filter cartridge from the market.

Brother Filtration has years of experience, designs and manufactures all kinds of filter products, and is especially good at the high flow filter cartridge. We could be called high flow filtration experts.

More than just manufacturing filter products, we also provide better filtration solutions for different operating conditions. If you have any problems with high flow filter cartridges or you want to know more about filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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