We Brother Filtration is not just providing your ideal products, but also focuses and insists on solving your filtration solution problem.

So always developing products quality is the most important thing for us, we also would like to share what we know to help our clients to know-how.

Today we choose one topic of “how to tell a good quality high flow filter?

Firstly let us see, what is the main material cost of one pcs high flow cartridge filter;

1) Plastic material: inner core/outer cage/oring/end caps

2) Membrane material: Main membrane/membrane support layer

The main difference between poor quality and good quality would come from the above two directions of plastic and membrane material.

Bad and low-cost plastic would come from recycled plastic with not 100% pure polypropylene, has a bad smell, and is harmful to the environment…

All plastic from Brother Filtration we use are all 100% pure polypropylene and agree with FDA, CE standard to be used in the food and beverage industry.

Regarding the membrane material, Brother Filtration we use nanoscale grade membrane material to create big and high dirt holding space, and much lower initial pressure drop, large flow rate.

Secondly, let us see, why high-flow cartridge filter is more and more popular now?

And more and more be considered the primary choice for OEMs.

1) Large flow rate per pcs

2) Much smaller installation foot space in need

3) Lower total cost including housing and filter element for full-time operation and maintenance.

why high flow cartridge filter is more and more popular now

Thirdly we would like to share some cases we have collected from clients which the failure experience they got from other companies, we thought this is a valuable lesson for all of us, failure is the mother of success.

Case1: (products from A competitor)

products from A competitor

Pictures came from one of our clients which they met in 2021, the product’s physical properties cause more than 1 million dollars loss for them.

They heard us from another client, so they sent us all the information they had, request us to deliver them the good quality goods of 500 pcs filter in 10 days to continue the plant running unless the plant will be shut down because of none of filter element in stock.

Finally, after great effort inside and work together with our local partner, we deliver goods in time, and the plant is successful running now. Everything is fine in 2022.

The poor quality product brings:

  • Not qualified filtration efficiency causes big lose
  • Products Physical damage including big problems of safety issues
  • Particles bypass the downstream causing full line production liquid to be polluted.

The High-quality product brings:

  • Safety production and processing
  • Qualified filtration liquid based on industry-standard
  • The long service life of RO membrane
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs for the whole project

During years of end-user project experience, we are always focused on developing high-performance and long-service life products for our clients.

Currently, we use 8 layers membrane structure to create graded pore size rating and large dirt holding inside space to adopt more contaminants.

We Brother Filtration has a Variety of High Flow Filter Cartridges to replace more than 50 brands of high-flow filters in the market.

High Flow filter is our main and most advantage product, which we have served more than 200 million m3 waters per day all over the world.

Below are the main series we have to replace the top brands:

  • MAX-A High Flow Cartridge  to replace Pall Ultipleat
  • MAX-B High Flow Cartridge  to replace Bigbuba
  • MAX-C High Flow Cartridge  to replace Everblue
  • MAX-G High Flow Cartridge  to replace GE high flow filter
  • MAX-K High Flow Cartridge  to replace Parker high flow filter
  • MAX-T High Flow Cartridge  to replace Pentair high flow filter
  • MAX-Q High Flow Cartridge  to replace Aqua FON high flow filter
  • MAX-Z High Flow Cartridge  to replace Amazon high flow filter
  • MAX-KN High Flow Cartridge to replace Parker high flow filter
  • MAX-Iron High Flow Cartridge to replace Pall/PECO high flow high-temperature high flow filter
  • Polykleen Bag Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridge to replace Pall Marksman high flow filter
  • Ultra-H High Flow Cartridge to replace 3M high flow filter
The High-quality product brings

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